Can You Take The Accuplacer Test Online At Home?

Where Are Accuplacer Tests Offered?

The Accuplacer exams are offered by high schools, colleges and universities. They are used to determine if students have the knowledge and abilities that are needed for college-level courses. These tests are not offered online. Accuplacer exams must be completed at an approved testing location, where test-takers are supervised for the duration of the test. Those who need to take an Accuplacer exam must make arrangements to take them at one of the following locations.

High Schools

Some high schools use the Accuplacer tests to identify areas where students need to improve in order to ensure college readiness. Students who take the Accuplacer tests at a high school and do well may not need to retake the Accuplacer test if their scores are provided to the postsecondary institution they plan to attend.

Colleges and Universities

Postsecondary institutions that use the Accuplacer typically offer Accuplacer testing onsite. In some cases, the school may have an online registration system and individuals may be required to schedule their tests in advance. Other schools have walk-in testing hours. Check with the college or university you plan to attend to determine if you need to register for the Accuplacer in advance and, if so, how to register to take it at that school.

Remote Testing

Students who need to take the Accuplacer tests may live far away from the school that they are planning to attend. In this case, they may be permitted to take the Accuplacer test at a local school. In order to pursue this option, test-takers need to contact the postsecondary institution they will be attending, get permission and make the arrangements with the local school.

Online Practice Exams

The Accuplacer website does have a section that students can access where they can take practice tests online. In order to access the practice tests, you'll need to create an account. Once you have an account, you can take practice tests and receive feedback on your test performance. This app does not offer the option of taking the actual test online, however.

Accuplacer Study Materials

Students who need to take Accuplacer tests should ensure that they spend enough time reviewing the material so they can perform well on their exams. The study courses referenced in this section are all available online, and students can work through the material on their own schedule. They are developed specifically to ensure that individuals review the right information for the specific Accuplacer test they are planning to take. Check out one of our Accuplacer test prep courses to get up to speed on the reading, writing and math concepts you'll need to know. also offers a number of ESL Accuplacer tests. Students who need to take one of these exams can work through the study courses listed below to ensure that they focus on reviewing relevant information and are ready for test day.

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ACCUPLACER tests are used as assessment tools for college placement, and you have multiple study options to help you pass these tests. You can sign up for study programs and find online resources to help you learn what's on the tests. You can also utilize technology so that you have flexibility in your study schedule. Read on to learn more.

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