CBEST/CSET Prep Product Comparison


If you want to be a teacher in sunny California, you have to pass your CBEST and CSET exams first. While these exams are meant to test existing knowledge, you want to head into test day confident you are going to pass. Do you need practice answering test questions? Looking to brush up on your content knowledge? One of the resources listed below should do the trick!

Test Prep Review

If you want to practice answering test-specific questions, take advantage of Test Prep Review's free practice tests. By completing more questions, you train yourself to apply knowledge in ways that will benefit you on both your exam and in the classroom! If you like what you see, Test Prep Review also has a flashcard system and secret test-taking strategies, each priced at $72.99.

Teachers Test Prep

Teachers Test Prep gives students free basic study guides and one free practice test for the CBEST and six CSET exams. They also offer prep videos, tutoring, and diagnostic exams for those exams. The products range from $55 to $265 depending on how many features you wish to take advantage of. Teachers Test Prep resources can benefit students who want more in-depth explanation of test content and strategy and who have extended periods of time to study.

CTC Exams by Pearson

Here's some good news: even the test creators want to help you pass! On the CTC Exam website hosted by Pearson, you will find test blueprints, logistics, sample questions, and practice tests. We recommend checking out their resources to get a clear picture of what you will face on test day. (Their resources are particularly helpful if this is your first computer-based standardized test!) However, if you are looking for more comprehensive content review via lessons or flashcards, you'll need to use another resource.


Study.com's test prep courses are available for virtually every California teacher exam and include resources like diagnostic tests, flashcards, practice tests, and a study planning system. All these materials are flexible too - access them from any device and study on the go when it is convenient. If you get stuck, you can contact an expert tutor 24/7 to get a clear, thorough answer to your question. Study.com helps you study your way, whether you have 3 weeks or 3 months to prepare.

CBEST/CSET Prep Product Comparison

Test Prep Preview Teachers Test Prep CTC Exams Study.com
Number of CBEST/CSET Tests Covered 20+ 7 40+ 40+
Flashcards w/ Explanations
Comprehensive Content Overview
In-Depth Video Lessons w/ Transcripts
24/7 Access to Expert Tutors
Practice Tests/Questions
Digital Testing System
Detailed Answer Explanations
In-Depth Diagnostic for Strength & Weakness
CBEST/CSET Logistics & Test-Taking Tips
Built-in Personalized Study Planning System
A Good Option For Practice, practice, practice! Students who need extensive content review and tutor support Reliable information about test structure and content Flexible studying, in-depth content review, and practice questions

There are a number of tests that are part of the CSET test family. This article looks at different resources that can be used to study for CSET tests as well as useful test prep information.

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