CBEST Test Cost


How Much Does the CBEST Test Cost?

The California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) is available in computer-based and paper-based formats, and the cost varies according to which format you choose. The CBEST test cost for the computer-based version is $41 plus a $61 service fee. The cost of taking a paper-based test is $41. Those taking the paper test may be subject to additional fees, like an extra $18 for late registration or an extra $35 fee for emergency registration.

What are the Additional CBEST Test Costs?

You may need to pay extra fees for specific test-related services. The fee for an extra copy of your CBEST test results is $10 per copy. Any test-taker who doesn't believe their test score accurately reflects their performance can pursue score verification, which costs $50. It costs $20 to clear your Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) account if there is a payment issue.

What are the Accepted Payment Methods?

CBEST test fees can be paid with a credit, debit, or a check card. The same applies methods can be used to pay fees for additional copies of the test result. CBEST mandates that these credit, debit, or check cards should carry the logo of Mastercard or VISA and can be used without entering a PIN.

The fees for score verification must be paid using a cashier's check or money order. These have to be paid to the U.S. Evaluation Systems and must note the last five digits of your Social Security number. CBEST does not accept cash.

What CBEST Test Fee Policies Do I Need to Know?

CBEST Test Payment Policy

After you register for an exam and pay the fee, your registration is valid for one full calendar year from the date of registration. If you do not withdraw the registration or miss the test within this period, your registration expires and no refund will be provided.

Refund Policy

If you need to withdraw from registration or a test, you may be eligible for a refund of your test fees based on the withdrawal policy. If you have registered for a CBEST test or subtest but haven't scheduled a test date, you can request a refund by submitting a withdrawal request online through your CTC exam account.

If you have scheduled your test date, you have to cancel it through the CTC account by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your CTC account.
  • Click the 'Reschedule' option.
  • Follow further instructions
  • Submit a withdrawal request.

This must be done at least 24 hours before your scheduled test time to qualify for a refund.

Absentee Policy

Those who are absent for a test are not deemed eligible for any refunds. But if you had to miss a test because of an emergency situation, like an accident or hospitalization, you may qualify for a fee voucher that can be used for CBEST test registration in the future. Individuals who missed the test because of the death of a close relative can also apply for the voucher.

To receive the CBEST voucher, you must write and submit a request letter along with a documented proof of the emergency, like a medical certificate or an obituary at the office of Evaluation Systems within 30 days.

What Do I Do the Day of the Test?

  • You are expected to report at the test center 15 mins before the test time. If you're late for a test, you might be denied entry and will have to forfeit your test fees.
  • You must bring an ID issued by the government that bears your name, signature, and photograph. The identity-verification process may include palm-scanning and taking digital signatures and photographs. If you don't bring appropriate identification for the exam or complete the verification process, you won't be allowed to take the CBEST test and will forfeit your payments.
  • You are not allowed to bring any electronic devices, packages, or other materials into the testing venue (including pens and pencils for the computer-based test). A pen and booklet will be provided at the venue of the computer-based test for rough work. For the paper-based test, you must bring pencils and erasers; pens are not allowed.

The test may be canceled in extreme weather circumstances, natural disasters, or other situations, such as power outages. In such cases, examinees will be contacted by Pearson VUE and can reschedule the exam without additional costs.

What are Some Helpful CBEST Test Rseources?

Using reputable, self-paced study course materials is an effective way to make sure you review all the information that is on the CBEST subtests. The CBEST Test Prep: Practice & Study Guide Course has 131 lessons that focus on helping individuals review material for all 3 CBEST subtests.

Those who are focused specifically on 1 or 2 subtests may be more interested in using the study courses for specific CBEST subtests. The CBEST Writing: Practice & Study Guide Course and CBEST Math: Practice & Study Guide Course each have 56 lessons. There are also 24 lessons in the CBEST Reading: Practice & Study Guide Course

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