CCXP Prep Product Comparison

This is the official website of the CXPA, where you will find exam information, registration instructions and more. The CXPA provides some free exam resources that you can use to further acquaint yourself with what you can expect on test day. The resources here do not provide a comprehensive prep experience, but you can learn more about the exam format and its six competencies, see some sample questions, and get some pointers that you can use to guide your studies. It's a great starting point for all CCXP candidates.

CCXP Exam Preparation (Paperback)

This book, written by CCXP/PMP Michael G. Bartlett, breaks down the most important areas of the customer experience field into 18 principles that you can apply to the CCXP exam. It is designed to serve as a guide to help you better understand CCXP competencies, and includes a 40-question sample exam that introduces you to the same tricky wording and analogies you'll see on the real thing. This book is available as a paperback only and can be purchased through for $14.99 (new); all proceeds from the sales of this book will go to animal-related charities and shelters.

Written by the author of the above book, this is an online, fee-based CCXP digital practice test platform, featuring mock exams with detailed explanations and insight towards your strengths and weaknesses. The basic plan includes this, plus email support, while other packages include more features like personalized study plans, e-learning modules and targeted guidance. Prices range from $49-$199, with a subscription lasting either 90 days (basic plan) or 180 days.

ClearAction Continuum offers a self-paced online course as a comprehensive introduction to CX and the six competencies found on the CCXP exam. The course, which takes about three study hours to complete (plus three hours of practice time), includes narrated slides, quizzes and essay questions. The total cost of the course is $500, with discounts for those who live in developing nations. Candidates may also purchase each module separately for $89 each, or set up an appointment with a mentor (price will vary).'s CCXP study guide is an online resource that includes a prep course, practice quizzes and logistical resources in a flexible format. The CCXP prep course breaks down major subject areas into bite-sized but effective video lessons, each one with its own quiz. Designed to fit into any schedule, students may decide when and how much they want to study, with customizable study schedules and 24/7 access to expert tutors. CCXP practice quizzes provide limitless opportunity to review and challenge real CCXP materials, and provide personalized feedback and study recommendations. The CCXP study guide includes a library of helpful articles that explain testing policies and procedures, scoring and more. Candidates may try 15-question practice tests for free, while the study guide's full contents are unlocked after paying a variable membership fee. CCXP Exam Preparation
Price Free $14.99 $49 to $199 $89 to $500 Membership Price Varies
Flashcards w/Explanations
Comprehensive Content Overview
In-Depth Video Lessons w/Transcripts
Physical Books or Product
Access to Expert Tutors
Practice Tests/Questions
Digital Testing System
Detailed Answer Explanations
In-Depth Diagnostic to Identify Areas of Strength or Weakness
CCXP Logistics & Test Taking Tips
Built-in Personalized Study Planning System
A Good Option For… All CCXP candidates, especially those who are comfortable with a more self-guided review CCXP candidates who prefer studying from a book; those who want to demystify the exam and take a more conceptual approach to CX review CCXP candidates who prefer reviewing exam materials with practice tests and guided feedback CCXP candidates who need a complete overview of the exam, in a more traditional online course format CCXP candidates with busy schedules who want to make the most out of study time with flexible but thorough practice and prep materials

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