CCXP Test Score Information

How is the CCXP Exam Scored?

The Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) exam consists of 100 total multiple-choice questions. Test-takers receive a point for each question they answer correctly and must answer at least 80 questions correctly in order to achieve a passing score of 80%.

On test day, test-takers take the exam on a computer within the given time limit of three hours. Upon completing the exam, the test is immediately scored and test-takers receive their score in addition to a letter that states whether they passed or failed. Within this letter is a diagnostic report in which the test-taker's performance is broken down by test section.

CCXP Exam Score Breakdown

Given that there are 100 questions on the CCXP exam and each question accounts for one percentage point towards a passing score of 80%, test-takers may be interested in learning about how the content of the exam is organized. The CCXP covers topics from six different competency areas, each of which makes up a specific portion of the exam. The six competency areas and their respective percentages are as follows:

  • VOC, Customer Insight, and Understanding - 13%
  • Customer-Centric Culture - 16%
  • Experience Design & Improvement - 16%
  • Organizational Adoption & Accountability - 19%
  • Customer Experience Strategy - 16%
  • Metrics, Measurement & ROI - 20%

How to Achieve a Passing Score on the CCXP

In order to pass the CCXP exam, there are a number of strategies that test-takers may want to consider. First, it is a good idea to become familiar with the content and structure of the exam in order to assess what areas require the most studying and preparation. When selecting a date for the exam, test-takers will likely want to consider how much time they have available to study and how much preparation they think they need. This will help them create a study schedule, which is a helpful way to stay on track with preparation while also balancing work, family, and any other commitments.

When studying for the CCXP exam, individuals may first want to check out the resources offered by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), the organization that created and administers the exam. They provide detailed information about what each of the six competencies covers and what types of information will be on the exam. Additionally, they provide sample questions that may help future test-takers familiarize themselves with test material.

There are also a number of outside resources that test-takers may want to take advantage of when preparing for the CCXP. has created a study guide specifically for the CCXP exam, which you can access here. Students who use this guide to prepare for the CCXP have access to nine chapters of content that have been carefully created based on the concepts and ideas tested in the exam. Each chapter is comprised of multiple shorter lessons focused on specific topics. After each lesson and chapter, there are quizzes and tests to help test-takers ensure they are retaining the information in the course. The final chapter of the course contains flashcards as an additional study tool. A comprehensive practice test is also included in the course as a final way of preparing for the actual exam.

There are a number of other CCXP exam preparation options available outside of the course. Fortunately, has also created a chart that compares a number of these other options in their CCXP Prep Product Comparison.

CCXP Prep Product Comparison

The Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) credential is offered by the Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA), an organization for those who specialize in the field of customer experience (CX). Earning the CCXP is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and dedication to your career. The exam is challenging and it is recommended that you get in a good review before attempting to take it. Fortunately, there are plenty of different CCXP review products on the market; check out these examples and see which ones are best for you.

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