CEOE Test Accommodations


Who May Request Accommodations for the CEOE?

Those who need alternative testing arrangements for any of the Certification Exams for Oklahoma Educators (CEOE) tests may make arrangements with Evaluation Systems and with the state's Office of Educational Quality and Accountability (OEQA). The categories of individuals who may request alternate arrangements, and what accommodations they are frequently given, are detailed in the table below.

Category of Examinee Frequent Accommodations
Candidates with Disabilities Use of a trackball mouse
Use of an adjustable table
Extended time
English Language Learners Extended time
Nursing Mothers Ability to express and store milk

What Documentation Must I Provide?

Test-takers who are requesting extended time, braille, sign language, or an oral interpreter may request institutional verification through their university. An institutional verification form should be printed on letterhead and signed by a representative of the university. The accommodations that are being requested must be accommodations that have been used during the candidate's university career, and appropriate supporting documents should be on file with the university. The institution may also provide verification for English Language Learners.

Those who are requesting other accommodations, or who cannot complete the institutional verification must submit appropriate documentation. Candidates should complete an online form, and then plan to mail the following items:

  • Signed statement on letterhead by an appropriate professional diagnosing a disability
  • Recommendations for appropriate testing accommodations
  • If accommodations are due to a cognitive disability, candidates must also submit documentation that shows a history of special education services, a psychological test battery, or the results of imaging testing that documents a physical abnormality

All documentation should be issued within the last five years or should state that the condition is a permanent disability. Documentation regarding learning disabilities should show that the candidate was given an evaluation appropriate for adults.

Are There Any Accommodations I Won't Need to Request in Advance?

Some accommodations will not need to be requested in advance. All testing centers are wheelchair-accessible. Breaks will be available for those who need to take medications or utilize an inhaler. The computer-based testing center will also ensure that all those taking the test have access to visual enhancements such as different colored fonts or enlargement of font. Medical devices such as insulin pumps, casts, unwrapped cough drops, and epi-pens are permitted within the testing center.

What If My Accommodation Request Is Denied?

Candidates will be notified regarding their request for accommodations. If these arrangements are denied, examinees may appeal the decision. To appeal, they must provide information, including:

  • Name, address, and social security number
  • Date of the appeal
  • Additional documentation that reinforces a need for accommodations
  • A statement as to why accommodations should be granted
  • Signature

How Can I Prepare for the CEOE?

Once you know the details of the accommodations you will receive, you can engage in practice with these in place. One great way to be sure you are on track for the CEOE exams are the fun and engaging materials developed by Study guides and practice tests for the OGET, and for many of the OSAT subject area tests are available for review.

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