CEOE Test Day Preparation

What Will I Need for the CEOE Test?

Having the proper identification is step one to getting in the door at the test site. You will need an acceptable photo identification that is current, original, and government-issued. It must also have a signature. Accepted identifications include a driver's license, passport, military identification, or state identification.

The CEOE tests are computer-based, so you will not need any writing utensils for the test itself.

Where Will I Take the CEOE Test?

After you register for the CEOE test, you should receive an important test confirmation. This conformation includes the test you are registered for, the date of your test, and location of the test site. It is generally a good idea to know how to get to the test site and familiarize yourself with parking options before the actual day of your test.

As always, you should be prepared for the unexpected, such as heavy traffic or other issues, by allowing yourself ample time to get to the test site. You should be at the test site no later than fifteen minutes before the start of your test. The earlier you arrive, the more time you have to relax and mentally prepare yourself for the test.

What Are the Test Center Policies?

Before the start of your CEOE test, there will be general administrative tasks to complete, such as signing a nondisclosure agreement and an agreement to follow any and all rules that apply toward test taking. As you take the test, keep in mind that you are being monitored, so you should be certain to adhere to these rules to avoid potential dismissal. There is a strict rule of no communication with other candidates once you've entered the test site. Restroom breaks are allowed during the test, but you should check with the test administrator any time you need to take one.

Additionally, you'll want to leave items that are not allowed in the test site at home or in your car. These include:

  • Cell phones
  • Handwritten materials
  • Hats or headwear (religious and medical purposes are exempt)
  • Bags
  • Food and drink

Are There Any Test-Taking Strategies I Can Use?

It is natural to be nervous when taking a test. Here are a few general test-taking strategies to keep in mind so you can be sure to do your best:

  • Carefully listen to and read all test directions so you don't make any careless mistakes or have to go back later.
  • Pace yourself and watch your time to avoid having to rush through questions at the end of the testing session.
  • Read all test questions carefully to avoid missing important details.
  • Choose the best answer on multiple-choice questions, especially if there are two alternatives that sound like they both could be right.
  • Respond to writing prompts and assignments fully and clearly.

Where Can I Find CEOE Prep Resources?

One way to prepare for CEOE test day is to use's resources, like the CEOE Study Guides that cover everything you need to know for the specific CEOE test you're taking. These self-paced study guides and courses offer video lessons, quizzes and practice tests to refresh and test your knowledge and skills. Available titles include:

With these CEOE study guides, you'll have direct access to the course instructor if you have any questions as well as the ability to log in from the convenience of your smartphone or desktop anywhere at any time.

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