CHSPE Prep Product Comparison

The California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) is a comprehensive California state exam that assesses knowledge typically learned in U.S. high schools. Passing the exam is considered the legal equivalent of earning a high school diploma, and many test takers who pass the exam then qualify for additional educational opportunities and federal financial aid.

Preparing for the CHSPE take considerable time and effort, and many students choose CHSPE prep tools and services to help them study. With so many options, the search for high-quality options can be difficult. To help, we've created a list of several popular CHSPE prep products available, so you can choose what is best for you.

Pass the CHSPE by Complete Test Preparation

Complete Test Preparation, Inc. offers a study guide book titled Pass the CHSPE: A Complete Study Guide and Practice Test Questions to help students prepare for the exam. The guide includes two complete practice question sets of 300 questions, a review of each content section, study advice, a suggested study schedule, and test day tips. Students may choose to purchase a physical or ebook copy to help them prepare.

CHSPE Math Test Prep Course by

This free CHSPE Math Test Prep Course is great for those students who want to focus specifically on the mathematics portion of the exam. The course includes video lessons taught by instructors on topics such as dividing mixed numbers, bar graphs, square roots, and more. Each video also includes several practice questions to test how well you've understood the main concepts. Once you've answered the questions, you can self-assess and then see a breakdown of the steps for solving each question.


Mometrix offers two CHSPE test prep products: the CHSPE Secrets Study Guide book and CHSPE Flashcard Study System. Both provide an overview of content to help test takers on the exam.

Mometrix CHSPE Secrets Study Guide

Use the Mometrix CHSPE Secrets Study Guide for both content review and practice. This study guide book includes a content review section that explains they types of questions you'll see on the exam, and some sample questions. Additionally, the guide includes practice test questions, so you can test your understanding of the material. This guide also provides test taking tips, like what to bring on test day. The book includes one full practice test with answers and explanations.

Mometrix CHSPE Flashcard Study System

The Mometrix CHSPE Flashcard Study System is a good choice for students that learn well through memorization. Whether you practice alone or with a friend, flashcards are a good way to repeat important information that you'll see on the exam. These flashcards come printed and ready to sort, and the entire set covers all the sections of the exam. Rather than just terms and definitions, flashcards also include multiple choice questions.

The online learning platform offers a comprehensive collection of online courses, practice tests, and other study tools for the CHSPE. Included is an online video course covering all the exam material, hundreds of practice questions based on real CHSPE exams, and extensive practice tests. Each practice test includes an in-depth result report so students know what they've mastered and what to study next. Also included is 24/7 access to expert tutors, a personalized study schedule tool, and CHSPE logistic & test-taking information. Members also gain access to all of's CHSPE resources for one monthly subscription fee, which varies depending on the type of membership plan.

CHSPE Prep Product Comparison Complete Test Preparation, Inc. Mometrix Study Guide Mometrix Flascards
Flashcards w/ Explanations
Comprehensive Content Overview
In-Depth Video Lessons w/ Transcripts
Physical Book or product
24/7 Access to Expert Tutors
Practice Tests/Questions
Digital Testing System
Detailed Answer Explanations
In-Depth Diagnostic to Identify Areas of Strength & Weakness
CHSPE Logistics & Test Taking Tips
Built-in Personalized Study Planning System
A Good Option For... CHSPE test preppers who want to focus on math skills Those who study best through many practice questions Those that study best with a content overview and practice test Students that learn best through repetition of key exam concepts Students that want a comprehensive digital test prep solution with lessons, practice tests, and more

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This article explains what the CHSPE is and how passing this test impacts a person's ability to attend college, receive student loans or be considered for employment. It also explains what the test covers.

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