CHSPE Test Cost

How Much Does the CHSPE Cost?

The standard test fee for the CHSPE is $130. This is the cost if you register before the standard registration deadline, which ends approximately 31 days before the day the test is scheduled for.

Late Registration Cost

Each CHSPE test date has a cut-off date for regular registration. If you do not register for the test by the regular registration date, you will have to pay the late registration test fee of $155. The late registration cut-off is approximately two weeks before the scheduled test date.

Emergency Registration Fee

If by chance you've missed the late registration window, you may still be able to make emergency arrangements to take the CHSPE. The emergency registration fee for the test is $180. You can make an emergency registration up to four days before the test is scheduled. Please note that seat availability may be limited at various testing sites at this point, so it's best to try to register early.

Fee Exemptions

There are some situations where the test fees are waived. If you qualify for a Homeless or Foster Youth Fee Waiver, you are not required to pay any fees for taking the CHSPE if you secure that waiver. Among other requirements, applicants must be 24 years old or younger to qualify for a homeless waiver. A certification form will also need to be filled out. For the foster youth waiver, you must provide certification from your local social services department. The California Department of Education (CDE) provides additional information on their website regarding how to apply for one of these waivers.

Payment Options

The method that you have chosen to register for the CHSPE will determine how you can pay your test fees.

Online Registration

If you choose to use the online registration system on the CHSPE website, you are required to pay the test fees with a credit card.

Paper Registration

If you opt to fill out a paper registration form and mail it in, you must include one of the following payment methods with your registration form to pay your test fee:

  • Homeless or Foster Youth Fee Waiver
  • Money order
  • Bank-issued cashier's check

CHSPE Test Resources

Before scheduling your CHSPE test, it is a good idea to make sure you have enough time to review all of the information that you will be evaluated on. It is also helpful to access reputable study materials, such as this CHSPE: Practice & Study Guide Course that has available. This course has 165 lessons that you can use to thoroughly review all relevant subject matter on the CHSPE. The course offers the convenience of being accessible online and allows you to work through the lessons at your own pace. Each lesson includes a practice quiz, and each chapter in the course includes a comprehensive practice exam. Utilizing these assessment tools can help you identify what concepts you have mastered and which ones you need to work on further. The quizzes and exams can be taken as many times as you need to.

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This article explains what the CHSPE is and how passing this test impacts a person's ability to attend college, receive student loans or be considered for employment. It also explains what the test covers.

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