CHSPE Test Score Information

CHSPE Test Content and Score Breakdown

The CHSPE (California High School Proficiency Examination) has two main parts. One focuses on mathematics and the other focuses on English language arts. Scoring requirements for each section are outlined below. Results on the CHSPE are mailed to test takers around five weeks after their exam date.


The mathematics section of the test uses the multiple-choice format and contains 50 questions. Scoring for this part of the test is scaled, and individuals can receive no less than 250 points and no more than 450 points. The minimum passing score is 350.

Test-takers are assessed on their knowledge of fundamental mathematical principles and their ability to apply mathematical formulas and processes. Questions cover algebra and geometry. There are also questions related to statistics and understanding the probability that something will occur. Individuals are tested on their knowledge of numeric patterns and relationships as well, and they are also required to answer questions about measurements.

English Language Arts

The English language arts section has two subtests. One covers language and the other covers reading.


Results for the language part of the English language arts test combine an individual's scaled score on the 48 multiple-choice questions with the score earned on the writing assignment. Individuals must earn at least 2.5 points (out of 5 possible points) on the writing assignment to be able to obtain a passing score on the language subtest. With a 2.5 on the writing assignment, they must score 365 on the multiple-choice section. Those who earn 350 on the multiple-choice questions must have a score of 3 on the writing portion to pass. With a score of 3.5 on the writing portion, a test-taker only needs 342 on the multiple-choice questions to pass this subtest.

This subtest is used to determine if individuals are capable of organizing written information effectively and following grammatical rules. Their understanding of the mechanics of language, such as how to use punctuation or when to capitalize words, is also evaluated.


The score a person receives for the reading subtest is also scaled between 250 and 450, and each test-taker must earn no less than 350 to pass this subtest.

The reading section of the English language arts test is used to determine if a test-taker can comprehend information presented in written form and analyze text. It also looks at things like the ability of a test-taker to understand words based on the context they're used in. This part of the test has 84 questions.

Factors That May Affect Performance

Before prospective test-takers sit for the CHSPE test there are things they should consider that may play a role in how well they do.

Time Given to Complete the Test

Test-takers are given 3.5 hours to complete the test, regardless of how many sections they opt to sit for during their testing session. Those who opt to take the entire CHSPE test at one time will have to regulate how much time they allot to the mathematics and language sections.

It is also possible for individuals to take only the math or English test in one 3.5-hour session, or even take just the language subtest in one sitting and the reading subtest in another sitting. This means that individuals can have as many as 10.5 hours in total to take the entire CHSPE, or they can double their time to 7 hours. Those who feel they may need extra time but do not qualify for accommodations may want to take the opportunity to extend their testing time themselves; however, they will have to pay the full testing fee each time they go to be tested on any part of the CHSPE test.


Some individuals may be affected by a disability or a medical condition, while others may not speak English as their first language. These individuals may qualify to have adjustments made to the CHSPE test or the testing process. The CHSPE website outlines the requirements for testing adjustments, how to apply and what types of accommodations are typically available. It is important to review this information and apply if you feel that you may qualify; getting the adjustments you need can have a positive impact on your test performance.

CHSPE Study Materials

Before you take the CHSPE, it is important to study all of the information you will be tested on. One way to do this is to use a study course, such as the one linked to below. This course offers 165 lessons that you can work through as quickly or as slowly as you choose. You can also be confident that you are reviewing all of the material found on the test. The course is accessible online.

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This article explains what the CHSPE is and how passing this test impacts a person's ability to attend college, receive student loans or be considered for employment. It also explains what the test covers.

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