CLEP Exam Costs & Registration Deadlines


How Much Does a CLEP Exam Cost?

CLEP offers dozens of exams you can take at your convenience to earn semester credits that can be applied toward a college degree. Each CLEP exam costs $87 (exams are free for military personnel who qualify for DANTES funding).

It's worth noting that you may also be required to pay an administration fee to the test center at which you take your exam (administration fees are waived for DANTES examinees who take exams at ''on-base'' or ''fully-funded'' test centers).

When Are CLEP Exams Offered?

CLEP exams are offered on a continuous basis with exam dates determined by individual test centers. While there are no specific deadlines to register for CLEP exams, you are required to take an exam within 6 months of purchasing it and receiving a registration ticket.

To avoid missing that 6-month deadline, it's recommended that you schedule your exam appointment shortly after registering. Visit your account via the My Account portal to find registration ticket expiration dates for your exams.

How Do I Register?

Now that you've learned about CLEP exam availability and costs, find out how you can register for an exam:

  1. Visit the official CLEP website to browse exam options.
  2. Use the Search Institution Policies tool to find out how many credits you can earn for specific exams at your college or university.
  3. Once you've decided which exam(s) you'd like to take, visit individual exam pages or use the CLEP Registration page to select exams to purchase, then click ''Add to Cart.''
  4. When you're ready to check out, click ''View Cart and Checkout.'' You will be taken to the Shopping Cart to review your exam purchase(s).
  5. Once you've confirmed your exam purchase(s), click ''Register and Checkout'' to sign into or sign up for your CLEP account (via the My Account portal).
  6. When registering for an exam, be sure to enter your full name as it appears on the government-issued ID you will present at the testing center. If you're a DANTES-funded examinee, don't forget to indicate your military status.
  7. After completing your registration and paying for your exam, you can print your registration ticket (you will present this ticket at the testing center along with your ID).

Creating an account in the My Account portal: Exam registration is only available online through a CLEP account using the My Account portal. Information required to create an account includes your full name, address, date of birth, email address, gender, and high school graduation month and year. During this process, you will create an account user name, password, and security question.

Where Can I Schedule an Exam?

Following the registration process, you can schedule an appointment to take your CLEP exam. Here are some ways to find local test centers using the Find a Test Center tool (

  • Find a specific test center. To find a specific CLEP test center in your area, use the ''Enter a College or University Name'' field. You will be provided with the contact information you need to schedule your exam.
  • Locate multiple test centers. If you don't know the name of a test center, click the drop-down arrow under ''Select a Country,'' choose your country, and click the ''Search'' button (for the United States, you must also select a state) to access a list of local test centers with contact information.

When you contact your preferred test center to schedule your exam, you can also learn more about the test center's administration fee and payment options.

Where Can I Find CLEP Study Resources?

CLEP exams allow you to apply knowledge you already have toward a college degree. While you might have a quality understanding of topics covered on your chosen CLEP exams, it's good to get reacquainted with key concepts you could see on exam day. offers a wide variety of CLEP prep options, including CLEP exam study courses packed with fun lessons, practice tests, and study guides you can access anytime to refresh and assess your knowledge of CLEP exam topics.

Since you're studying for postsecondary-level exams, we can also help you improve your college study skills. Learn how to set study goals, fit studying into a busy schedule, make study guides, and more!

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