CLEP Exam List & Credits Offered

CLEP Exams & Credits

CLEP is a credit-by-examination program offering 33 exams you can take to earn credits that are accepted at 2,900 colleges and universities. Browse this list of CLEP exams, sorted by subject area, and discover the credits offered for each exam. Click each exam link to find a test prep course offering lessons, self-assessment options and tools to help you study.

Composition and Literature

World Languages

Note: All World Languages exams offer 6 credits for the Level 1 portion and 9 credits for the Level 2 portion.

History and Social Sciences

Science and Mathematics


CLEP Exam Basic Info

Now that you know what exams are available, how you can study for them and how many credits each is worth, let's learn a little bit about exam costs, registration, scheduling and scoring.

Exam Costs

Each CLEP exam costs $85. Payment is made in the My Account portal ( via debit or credit card. It's good to note that the testing center you select could charge an additional administration fee.

Military personnel may be able to have their exams funded through the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). If you qualify for DANTES and take your exam at an on-base or fully funded test center, your exam and test center administration fees will be free of charge.

Registration & Test Scheduling

To register for a CLEP exam, you must select an exam from the CLEP registration page or individual exam page then enter the My Account portal to submit your payment.

If you cannot identify a preferred test center in the My Account portal during registration, you can use the Find a Test Center tool at to locate one in your area. After finding a test center, contact it directly to schedule the date and time to take your exam.

CLEP Scores

CLEP exams offer a scaled score range of 20 to 80. The recommended minimum passing score to earn college credits is 50 for most exams; however, each institution is allowed to set its own minimum passing score for granting credits.

For help studying for your CLEP exams, check out our CLEP courses, study guides, and practice tests.

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