CLEP Exams & COVID-19: Scheduling Updates, Plans & Implications


CLEP Exams and COVID-19

CLEP exams, or College Level Examination Program exams, are established by the College Board and taken by high school students to earn college credits. The CLEP program will not be shutting down exams due to COVID-19. Schools and individual testing centers are advised to use their discretion and follow local regulations regarding cancelling testing or continuing with testing.

Registering for the CLEP Exams

Students who cannot take the test at their school due to closures or who need to sit for an exam at an official testing center for other reasons can register for a CLEP exam by purchasing a registration ticket. This ticket can be used at any CLEP testing center (such as a local college, university, testing company, or military base). After purchasing a registration ticket, students can search for a testing center.

At this time, CLEP exams cannot be taken remotely but must be taken at a CLEP testing center. A complete list of testing centers can be found at the College Board's CLEP website.

These testing centers are beginning to reopen after COVID-19 closures. However, it is important to contact your desired testing center directly to learn its status prior to scheduling an appointment.

The College Board is advising individual testing centers to comply with all relevant CDC regulations and local guidelines regarding health and virus-related precautions. Be sure to check with your testing center and be aware of their requirements before the day of your exam. You might be required to provide your own mask to be admitted to your testing center.

Rescheduling CLEP Exams

If you are already registered for a CLEP exam at a specific testing center, contact that location to see if they are still administering tests. If that location is closed, see if you can transfer your exam registration to an open testing center.

Additionally, some students may have registration tickets that expired before they were able to use them due to COVID-19 closures. These students are eligible to exchange the expired ticket for a new voucher to be used before June 30, 2021. In order to exchange an expired ticket, students can call or email CLEP services at the College Board.

Please note: If you received a registration voucher from your school rather than purchasing it yourself, you need to go to your school to exchange your expired voucher. Your school can get the new vouchers from the College Board.

Studying for the CLEP Exams

If your testing center is closed and you need to postpone your CLEP exam due to COVID-19, be sure to take the extra time to review for your exam. Go over your class notes, focusing especially on topics you found most challenging. In addition, consider accessing an online study guide to help you review the material from a fresh perspective. has CLEP Study Guides in subjects ranging from biology and business to Spanish, US history, and precalculus to help you review while you wait for your exam date. You can also find CLEP Practice Tests.

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