CNE Test Cost

CNE Initial Testing Fee

To complete your registration for the Certified Nurse Educator examination, you must pay the initial testing fee. The cost for National League for Nursing (NLN) members is $400. The cost for non-members is $500. You pay this when you submit your application for the examination.

The initial testing fee must be paid online using a major credit card (Visa, Discover, American Express, or MasterCard). No other form of payment will be accepted. You will not be officially registered for the exam until this fee has been paid, so make sure you get a confirmation number via email. If you don't, something may have gone wrong, and you may not be officially registered for your exam.

Please note that you must have completed all eligibility requirements for the CNE exam prior to submitting your application and paying the initial testing fee. If you have not completed any one of these requirements, your application will be denied and you will lose the initial testing fee, even if you plan to complete the requirements before the testing date. All requirements must be completed before submitting the application.


If a candidate fails to pass the CNE exam, they may apply to retake it. However, that does require paying a retesting fee. This fee for NLN members is $350, while for non-members it is $450. Candidates can retest once every 90 days, up to four times a year.

NLN Membership

Being a member of the NLN does qualify you for a lower initial testing fee and retesting fee, so membership is something you might want to consider. There are three types of memberships available.

For working professionals, the Full Individual NLN membership costs $155 for one year or $285 for two years. The Retired Individual NLN membership costs $100 for one year and $180 for two years. The Graduate Student Individual NLN membership costs $80 for one year (there is no two-year option).

Study Materials for the CNE

While the NLN membership and testing fees account for the costs of taking the CNE exam, there may be a few other costs that come along with the certification process. Perhaps most significant, for many people, may be test prep and study materials. There are books and private courses available for candidates that can help them prepare for the exam, but there will be costs in order to access these. You'll have to decide how much of an investment you are willing/able to make.

Please don't forget, of course, that you also have access to study materials through A great place to start is the CNE Information Guide, which is kind of a one-stop-shop for CNE test prep materials. You can find articles on the exam, lessons covering the material, flashcards to help you study, and practice exams designed to prepare you for the CNE test. You can also jump straight to the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Exam Study Guide for access to 22 chapters of lessons on nursing, teaching strategies, classroom technologies, assessment methods for educators, curriculum development, and other information that CNEs need to know for their careers.

CNE Prep Product Comparison

If you're looking for assistance in your preparations for the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) exam, there are many test prep resources available to help. has created a comparison tool to simplify your selection process. Read on to learn more.

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