CNE Test Day Preparation

CNE Examination: Preparing for Test Day

Nurses who are interested in obtaining their Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Certification will first need to pass the CNE examination as part of the credentialing process. There are a number of ways in which test-takers can ensure that they are adequately prepared for their test day.

Create a Study Schedule

It is key that future test-takers assess how much time they will need to prepare for the CNE examination before signing up for a test date. This will enable them to create a study schedule that takes into account their study style, previous knowledge, and various personal and professional engagements like work and family life.

Using a study schedule can be helpful as test-takers can know what content they should cover each day, when to take practice tests, and how many hours to study per day or per week. Additionally, such a schedule may encourage the development of a study routine if students know each day that they have already planned to study for a certain amount of time.

Use Study Resources

The CNE examination covers a wide variety of material that is split up into six major content areas. The test itself consists of 150 questions. In order to review the material that is tested in these questions, there are a number of resources students can use.

The National League for Nursing provides an exam blueprint that details all of the concepts covered on the test. Additionally, they also provide a textbook that test-takers can purchase that provides detailed lessons and explanations of these concepts for those who would like to self-study for the exam.

Other test-takers may be interested in using some type of study guide, like the one created by This course Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Exam Study Guide is split into 22 chapters, each of which is further split into short lesson plans that cover specific concepts found on the exam. In order to ensure comprehension and retention, quizzes and tests are provided after each lesson and test that cover the content taught in that section.

Additionally, at the end of the course students will have access to a comprehensive practice test that they can use to gauge their chance of succeeding on the actual CNE examination. For those that need more practice, the course also provides flashcards that students can use to memorize important ideas and concepts.

Register for the CNE Examination

Regardless of how well an individual prepares for the exam, their preparation will be wasted unless they also correctly register to take the test.

This process involves first making sure that all prerequisites for earning the CNE certification are fulfilled. In order to qualify, all applicants must hold a valid nursing license and must have previously completed a master's or doctoral degree in nursing education. Nurses who studied a different area of nursing can also qualify if they have also worked for at least two years at a university-level nursing program.

Health and Wellness Tips

It is also helpful for test-takers to make sure they are taking care of themselves in the days and weeks leading up to the exam. This includes getting adequate sleep, especially on the night before the test, as well as eating well balanced meals. Test-takers are advised to eat a healthy meal before the exam to make sure that they are not distracted by hunger or from having consumed too much sugar or caffeine.

CNE Prep Product Comparison

If you're looking for assistance in your preparations for the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) exam, there are many test prep resources available to help. has created a comparison tool to simplify your selection process. Read on to learn more.

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