CNE Test Retake Policy


CNE Test Attempts

Individuals who take the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) examination and do not succeed on their first attempt are eligible to retake the exam 90 days after their initial test date. Retakes are limited to four per year or once per quarter.

Reapplying for the CNE Exam

Each time a test-taker attempts to retake the examination, they will need to make sure that they still meet the eligibility requirements and complete the same registration process as when initially signing up for the exam. This entails registering for the exam through the National League for Nursing (NLN), the organization that facilitates the examination and awards the CNE certification.

When registering, individuals will need to fill out another application and supply documentation of their current nursing license. Applicants must also provide proof of having completed a master's degree, post-master's certificate, or doctoral degree in nursing education or another field of nursing. Those applicants who studied another field of nursing will also need to have acquired two years of work experience in a nursing program at a university.

If the NLN determines that an applicant is eligible to test again, they will send a confirmation email within three weeks.

Retesting Fees

It is also worth noting that while the initial test costs a fee of either $400 or $500 depending on whether a test taker is a member of the NLN, the fee to retest is reduced. NLN members must pay a fee of $350 to retest, while nonmembers are required to pay a fee of $450. Payment for the exam is made at the time that a student registers and submits their application to the NLN.

Preparing to Retake the CNE Examination

Individuals who need to retake the CNE examination may want to assess how they initially prepared for the test and adjust their preparation strategy in order to achieve success on their retake.

The NLN provides a number of resources that test takers may find helpful as they prepare to retake the exam:

  • The test blueprint breaks down the exam content by broad subject area and percentage so that test takers can know how many questions will appear on the exam from each content area.
  • The NLN provides a Self-Assessment Examination that mimics the CNE examination and can provide test takers will information regarding their strengths and weaknesses on the exam.

Test takers may also want to consider using this Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Exam Study Guide. This course is split into 22 different chapters, each of which is further broken down into lessons that focus on specific concepts that may appear on the exam. After each lesson and chapter, students can take quizzes to make sure they have fully understood the material covered. The final chapter of this course contains flashcards that students can use to drill concepts and prepare for the exam.

Once the course is completed, students can also take the Certified Nurse Educator Exam Study Guide Final Exam to make sure that they have retained the information covered in the course and are prepared for their official exam retake.

CNE Prep Product Comparison

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