Common Core State Standards in Idaho

Instructor: Carrie Soucy
Idaho uses Common Core State Standards for math and English, and has its own standards for several other subjects. Read on to learn about the Common Core standards and discover resources designed to help educators implement them.

Idaho Education Standards: Common Core

Common Core State Standards for math and English Language Arts, which were adopted by Idaho in 2011, outline what students should learn at each grade level from kindergarten through high school. The standards are not a specific curriculum but, rather, a guideline to help school districts develop appropriate curricula for their students. Each district is free to incorporate additional standards to make a curriculum more challenging, but may not leave out the learning and expectations outlined in the state's adopted Common Core State Standards. The goal of these standards is to ensure that Idaho students have college and career-readiness knowledge and skills comparable to their peers throughout the country.

English Language Arts (ELA) and Literacy Standards

There are ELA standards for each grade from kindergarten through grade 8. At the high school level, standards are grouped into bands for grades 9 and 10, and grades 11 and 12. All focus on five key content areas, and outline the skills and knowledge that students are expected to acquire within each content area at each grade level. Student learning expectations for each ELA content area increases in complexity from kindergarten through high school.

Content Area Skills and Knowledge
Reading: Literature and Informational Texts Identifying key ideas and details
Understanding types and structure of texts
Integrating knowledge and ideas
Meeting reading level complexity
Recognizing print concepts
Demonstrating phonological awareness
Applying phonics and word recognition
Developing reading fluency
Writing Recognizing text types and purposes
Understanding production and distribution of writing
Researching to build knowledge
Mastering short- and long-term writing projects
Writing in print and cursive legibly
Listening and Speaking Building comprehension and collaboration skills
Presenting knowledge and ideas
Language Understanding conventions of standard English
Developing a knowledge of language
Acquiring and using vocabulary

Subjects Using ELA Common Core Standards

Idaho's Common Core ELA standards also outline how the development of literacy skills should be integrated into other academic subjects, such as science, social studies, technical subjects and history, for students in grades 6 through 12. While Idaho also has subject-specific content standards for each of these areas, the ELA literacy standards aim to ensure that students can appropriately apply reading and writing skills to their grade-appropriate knowledge of these subjects.

Common Core Educator Resources for ELA

For Idaho educators charged with implementing these standards with their students, offers an array of online courses that may be utilized for lesson plans or as classroom instructional tools. These include:

Elementary School Middle School High School
English Language Arts for Kids Grade 7: Speaking & Listening, Grade 7: Writing, Grade 7: Language, Grade 7: Literature, Grade 8: Literature, Grade 8: Writing, Grade 8 Language Grades 9-10: Literature, Grades 9-10: Writing, Grades 9-10 Language, Grades 9-10: Informational Text, Grades 9-10: Speaking and Listening
Grades 11-12: Language, Grades 11-12: Writing, Grades 11-12: Literature, Grades 11-12: Speaking and Listening, Grades 11-12: Informational Text

Math Standards

Idaho's Common Core State Standards in math are arranged by grade level for kindergarten through grade 8, and by mathematical concept for grades 9 - 12. K-8 standards focus on key mathematical concepts that are grouped into two grade ranges - K-5 and 6-8 - with the complexity of skills and knowledge within each increasing at each grade level. Along with the content knowledge students should acquire, the standards also outline mathematical skills that should be integrated into all math instruction at every grade level: problem solving, reasoning, developing and critiquing arguments, modeling, using appropriate tools, precise communication, recognizing and using patterns and structure, and understanding regularity in repeated reasoning.

Grade Range Content Areas
Kindergarten - Grade 5 Counting and cardinality, operations and algebraic thinking, Base 10 and fractional numbers and operations, measurement and data, geometry
Grades 6 - 8 Ratios and proportional relationships, the number system, expressions and equations, geometry, statistics and probability, functions
High School Number and quantity, algebra, functions, modeling, geometry, statistics and probability

Common Core Educator Resources for Math also offers relevant math courses that correlate with Common Core standards. These resources can be used in the classroom or to supplement learning, and include:

Elementary School Middle School High School
Elementary Math Lesson Plans and Games, Math for Kids, 3rd-5th Grade Math Grade 6: Statistics and Probability, The Number System, Geometry
Grade 7: Geometry, The Number System, Statistics and Probability, Expressions and Equations, Ratios and Proportional Relationships
Grade 8: The Number System, Functions, Geometry, Expressions and Equations, Statistics and Probability
Geometry, Algebra, Statistics and Probability, Functions, Number and Quantity

Idaho Standards for Other Subjects

Along with Common Core State Standards for math and ELA, Idaho also has its own content standards for several other subjects, including the following:

  • Arts and Humanities: Dance, Music, Theater, Visual Arts, World Languages
  • Science: Grade-level science standards for kindergarten through grade 7; Earth science and physical science standards for grades 8 and 9; Biology standards for grades 9 and 10; Chemistry standards for grades 11 and 12.
  • Social Studies: Grade-level social studies standards for kindergarten through grade 5; U.S. History standards for grades 6 through 12; World history and civilization standards for grades 6 - 9; Eastern Hemisphere Geography and Western Hemisphere Geography standards for grades 6 - 9; Economics standards for grades 9 - 12; American Government standards for grades 9 - 12.

Details about these and other content standards may be found on the Idaho State Department of Education's website (

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