Conducting Virtual Lectures with & Screen Share

Instructor: Raya Maggay
Want to stay connected with your students during your school closure? Learn how to hold virtual lectures and screen share with your students on in this article.

Virtual Lectures with

Lacking the personal aspect of seeing your students face-to-face can make teaching difficult, but there are ways to supplement this while using Creating your own virtual lectures can give students the opportunity to hear and see how you would teach if you were in a traditional classroom with them.

How to Schedule Your Lectures

When you and your students work remotely, it can be difficult to get into a regular routine when you can complete work at any hour of the day. You can try to schedule virtual lectures during times when you would normally teach your class in person to maintain a normal schedule and set expectations for when students should have their work completed.

Using Screen Share Services with

During times where we need to teach remotely, we can use screen share services to share our screens with our class to show videos and use other teacher features like custom video slides and Quiz Party.

Depending on the service that you are using, typically you can invite your students into the service and access whatever you would like to show them on your own computer. With these services, they can see exactly what is on your screen, so they can participate in real time. Once this is set up on your device, you are ready to teach using your own screen!

Using Custom Slides in Video Lessons:

Teachers can customize videos by including slides at chosen points. The video will automatically pause and display the message you added. When you present the video over screen share, you can use this feature to supplement a video by adding additional information or to check for understanding by adding a question. (insert link to Inserting Custom Slides into Videos)

Tips for lecturing remotely

Just like in your classroom, you will want to have your resources prepared before you start your remote lecture. This includes adding any slides to videos you want to use, tasks prepared to share with your class and a Plan B if you or your students run into any technical difficulties. Sending out class materials, notes or worksheets as pdfs, or editable documents, before your virtual lecture can help, too!

To avoid technical issues, make sure you have tested sharing your screen using your chosen screen sharing application prior to teaching your first remote lecture. It might be worth trying a couple of different screen sharing apps to see which works best for you and your class.

A useful feature on many screen sharing applications is the mute button. If you are not talking to the class, it is best to mute your microphone. Many screen sharing applications also allow you to mute other participants, this can be useful if you want to make sure everyone is listening to you, or a video you are showing. You can un-mute students again when you are asking them a question.

It is worth going through the features you want you students to be familiar with in the screen sharing app in your first couple of virtual lectures, for example sharing their screen with you to give a presentation, muting their own microphone and turning off their webcam.

Some screen sharing apps allow you to create small groups within the larger class so they can work on a task together. This option might be worth exploring to continue collaborative work on a manageable scale whilst not in the same classroom.

Using Quiz Party for Remote Students

Quiz Party is an interactive game that teachers can use to assess student understanding. Teachers choose a quiz to display on their shared screen, and students answer the questions using their own devices (phone, tablet, etc.). Quiz Party is a twist on quizzes that fosters classroom interaction, promotes long-term retention, and makes learning fun!

To start a Quiz Party, sign in with a Teacher Plan account. Your students do not need to have an account to participate in a quiz game, but you will need:

  • A quiz
  • 10 to 15 minutes
  • 2-30 students, each with a computer, a tablet or a smartphone

When doing this with a screen share program, your students can participate using different methods. They can pull up your screenshare in one tab and keep the screens that display the answer choices that the students can click on in another tab. They can also use their mobile devices in conjunction with their computer to do this.

Know that passage-based quiz questions are the only type that will not be included in Quiz Party. Every other quiz is available for use for Quiz Party! You are able to customize the amount of time the students have to answer a question by clicking on 'Options' before you start the game. You can either choose a time limit (15, 30, 60, or 120 seconds) or manually control the pace of the quiz. It is also worth noting that doing Quiz Party makes a separate window pop up, so to ensure that your students can see what you want to display, share your entire desktop.

Setting up Quiz Party

  • Go to a lesson you want to use in your classroom. To preview quiz questions, go to the Quiz Tab of the same lesson and scroll down to the Worksheet section (the questions will be the same in the Worksheet and in the Quiz).
  • Click on 'Learn More' on the right-hand side under Teacher Tools to open the game.


  • Click on 'New Game' to start the game.

New Game Window
Game Code Screen

  • Now that the game lobby has been created, students who wish to participate need to go to and join the game lobby using the game code.

Game Lobby

  • Once all players have joined, click 'Continue' to start the quiz game.

Quiz Party Start Screen

  • For each question in the game, the teacher's screen will display the question and answer choices, and students' screens will display answer choices that the students can click or tap on.

Quiz Party Question and Answer Choices

Quiz Party Student Screen

  • After the time runs out, or after all the players have selected an answer, a leaderboard will appear showing the correct answer, the number of times each answer was selected, and how many points each player got.

Quiz Party Answer Plot


  • After all the questions have been answered, there is also a final leaderboard.

Final Leaderboard for Quiz Party

Disclaimer: We cannot recommend a single screen-sharing application. It is worth trying a few to see which one has the features you need for you and your students to continue working together effectively.

Important: It is important that you do not record and share any content outside your class.

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