Corporate Team Building Activity Ideas

Instructor: Eric Campos

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Developing trust and comradery in the workplace is essential for developing a productive office team! Keep reading to find out about the importance of team building, activity ideas, and additional resources that you can use to enhance a sense of team in your workplace.

Bringing The Office Together

As a business leader, corporate team building is a great way for you to foster a work environment that is cohesive. Team mentality in the office will not only make your workplace more enjoyable, but it will also help develop trust and respect between colleagues that will make doing their jobs easier and more enriching. Corporate team building can encompass all kinds of activities. The most important aspects they will all have in common are inclusion, fun and of course: teamwork. Below are a few activity ideas for you to consider:

Scavenger Hunt

Many employees feel trapped in their office, or get bogged down by the same routine of the work day. Scavenger hunts are a great way to give you and your associates a break and get them stretching their problem solving muscles as a team, but they can also help build team morale, bonding, and collaborative skills. The framework of the scavenger hunt is simple: supply groups of employees (or just one massive office group) with a list of clues leading to different objects and/or locations that will lead them on a journey to a designated end point. Workers will have to work together to solve the clues and designate how to go about reaching different locations. This is an activity that can be done just around the office building or even in a city location.

Get Through the Minefield

Take a break from work for an exercise of trust and strategy with the minefield game. This game is quite simple but is best done in the office, cafeteria, or somewhere that you have complete control over. This will ensure safety and necessary space. Begin by designating a space where multiple people can pass through. Next, move physical barriers and objects between each end of the space. Finally, you will divide your office into teams and have them stationed at one end of the maze. One person from each team will be blindfolded and attempt to cross to the other side of the maze without bumping into any of the things in their way. The blindfolded team members will be guided around these 'mines' by other team members outside of the game area, who will provide them with spoken directions. The team who finishes first wins! Your office-mates will have fun as they get to know and trust one another through this game. It also works on communication skills.

Outdoor Activities

Bonding in a natural setting will not only open up additional team building activities but can also lead individuals to form lasting relationships that transcend the workplace. Activities like rock-wall climbing and obstacle courses provide recreation and physicality that will allow co-workers to bond and motivate one another. Even just having a group lunch outside can lighten work tension and remind associates that they are all part of a team.

Community Outreach

Giving back to others often unites people in a spirit of generosity and purpose. Many companies sponsor or participate in community service; this is something you can do with your own corporate team. Begin by asking your office members about the kinds of charity they're interested in participating in. When a general consensus is reached, designate a day, or part of a day, in which you and your team will go and volunteer together. This enforces the idea that the office is a team that can impact not only business but the outside world too. This is also another opportunity for coworkers to get to know each other personally.

Additional Team Building Resources

Multiple online resources are available as you continue investigating corporate team building activities and strategies. Delve into the fundamentals of team building through our lesson called Building & Contributing to Team Culture. This piece discusses the nature of teamwork and how personal behavior can contribute to a positive atmosphere. If you are trying to construct your own team building activities, look into Trust Building in Business Teams: Definition, Activities & Exercises for insight on the importance of building trust in the workplace. This lesson also discusses strategies for designing activities that develop team mentality in the office! As another option, you can view an engaging video lesson on group cohesiveness. This resource can give you and your team a better understanding of the importance of group cohesion and how this can be increased, as well as the different types of team building activities that your team can use.

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