Creative Writing Exercises for Kids

Instructor: Andrea Losa
One of the best ways for elementary and middle school students to develop their overall writing skills is to work on creative writing assignments. Read on to discover some fun writing activities to share with your students.

Group Story Writing

Break your students into three groups, and assign each group a different part of a story to write: beginning, middle, and end. You may choose to assign a prompt to the students, or ask for ideas from your class. Each group will have 5 to 10 minutes to complete their part of the story, and each can choose a member of the group to read their portion of the story to the class. This activity, in addition to allowing your students to exercise their creativity, will help them grasp elements of a story's plot.

Looking into the Future

Ask your students to write a letter to themselves 10 to 20 years in the future. Have them think about the things they hope they will have accomplished at this point in their lives and consider the lessons they have learned thus far that they would want to be sure their future selves will remember. Encourage your students to put the letter away for safekeeping, and to not open it until they reach this date in the future.

A Letter to the President

A great way to get your students thinking about the issues of today and their views in the world is to ask them to write a letter to the president. Allow them to write about any issue that is of importance to them and to ask of the president any questions they have about what is going on in the world. Consider doing this exercise early on in the year so that students may share with the class any responses they receive.

Re-Imagining a Story or Book

This exercise can apply to any story or book you have read as a class or any with which your students are familiar. Ask your students to consider what they would have done differently from the author in telling a particular story. Give them the opportunity to alter elements like a character's fate, a story's setting, or the ending. In addition to their story, ask the students to write a paragraph on why they made the changes they did and how, in their view, these changes improved the book or story.

Learn More About Creative Writing's fun and user-friendly Introduction to Creative Writing chapter can help you gain inspiration and ideas for future creative writing practice with your students and brush up on your own creative writing skills. Test your knowledge by taking practice quizzes and exams at the end of each lesson and chapter.

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