CSET Test Accommodations


Accommodations for CSET Tests

In some cases, individuals can qualify to have the format of their CSET tests altered or have changes made to their testing conditions. These adjustments are known as accommodations or alternative testing arrangements, and individuals must follow the CSET guidelines to arrange for any changes to their test or testing process.

Who Qualifies for Accommodations?

There are several medical conditions and disabilities that qualify individuals for accommodations. Individuals who are nursing may also qualify for permission to bring specific materials to a test site.

What Types of Accommodations Are Offered?

The testing adjustments that individuals receive can vary from person to person. Examples of some types of accommodations individuals may qualify for include:

  • Having a test offered in Braille
  • Receiving extra testing time
  • Receiving access to medical equipment that is not pre-approved
  • Receiving access to a sign language interpreter

Applying for Accommodations

If you believe that you may qualify for accommodations, you should visit the CTC web page for CSET test-takers requesting alternative testing arrangements to access the application. You can then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Get the Proper Documentation

The CTC website explains the types of documents that individuals applying for accommodations need. The documentation required may vary based on an applicant's specific condition.

An individual who is nursing, for example, may only need a signed letter from her medical doctor on official letterhead explaining the need for access to materials to pump and store breast milk during the exam. An individual who has suffered a traumatic brain injury may need a similar document from a medical professional as well as copies of test results from a CAT scan, MRI or other medical test.

Some individuals may need to have copies of their academic records to demonstrate that they have received accommodations in the past. Reviewing the documentation requirements can help you determine what types of documents you may need for your application.

Step 2: Complete the Alternative Testing Arrangements Application Form

The alternative testing arrangements application form is accessible online. Individuals must provide personal information, such as their name and address, and information about the test that they are registered for. You should not complete this form until you have actually registered to take an exam. You must log on to your account on the CTC exams website, register for the CSET test or subtest you wish to take and pay for that test first.

Step 3: Attach Documentation and Submit

Once you have completed the alternative testing arrangements form, you can upload the supporting documents for your application and submit your application.

Scheduling an Exam with Alternative Testing Arrangements

It may take as many as 3 weeks to learn whether your application has been approved. Once you have received approval for accommodations, you can schedule your test time. In order to do this, you must log on to your account and follow the scheduling instructions provided there. In some cases, you may be required to schedule your test time over the phone.

Pre-Approved Items You Can Take to a CSET Test

These are examples of items that test-takers can bring to their CSET test or subtest without applying for accommodations:

Walkers Inhalers Casts
Nasal drops Pillows Wheelchairs
Eye drops Canes Eyeglasses
Crutches Pills EpiPens

A full list is provided on the Pearson VUE website. It should also be noted that test-takers are not allowed to bring their own headphones, earplugs or tissues, but these items are provided at test sites.

CSET Test Resources

When you're studying for your CSET test, it is a good idea to take advantage of study materials designed to help you review all the appropriate content on your test or subtest. These CSET Courses contain dozens of lessons and allow individuals to work at their own pace while reviewing for their CSET test. Listed below are just some of the study resources available:

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