CSET Test Retake Policy


Retake Policies for California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET)

The CSET tests are used to establish a prospective teacher's capability to teach a specific subject area. Individuals must pass all of an exam's subtests to be qualified to teach their chosen subject.

If you did not pass your test or subtests on your first attempt, you must wait 45 days from the date you took a test or subtest or were registered for that test. It does not matter if you were absent on test day or did not attempt one of the tests or subtests you were registered for on that date; you are still required to wait until a full 45 days have elapsed before you can take a test or subtest again.

There is no restriction to the number of times that you can take a CSET test or subtest.

Arranging to Retake a Test or Subtest

To retake a CSET test, it is necessary to follow the steps for registration again. You can start by logging in to your account on the CTC exams website. Once you do this, you must choose the test or subtest you wish to retake, register for that test and pay the test fees. You must schedule the test or subtest for a date after the 45-day waiting period has been fulfilled.

Strategies to Help You Successfully Retake CSET Tests

Review Your Score Report

Every person who takes a CSET test or subtest receives a score report. This score report will provide a breakdown of your performance on each content area of a test or subtest so that you know which areas you did not do well on. This information can help you identify the type of material you need to emphasize when studying to retake a CSET test or subtest.

Access CSET Study Resources

In order to be thoroughly prepared for your CSET examinations, it is a good idea to access reputable study materials, such as the study courses accessible through this collection of CSET Courses. These study guides are all self-paced and contain dozens of lessons that will help you review all of the right material for your CSET tests. Available courses include:

Use CSET Test Information

Each CSET test and subtest has preparation materials that are accessible on the CTC exams website. These preparation materials can help you focus on the areas you need to improve on for your retake.

  • General CSET Test Information: This document outlines the number of subtests included in a test along with the number and type of questions found in each subtest. It also includes a list of texts you can use to shore up your knowledge in your subject area.
  • Subject Matter Requirements: These documents explain exactly what topics are covered in each subtest's content domains.
  • Sample Questions: You can also get examples of the questions asked on each test or subtest. This resource can help you get extra practice answering the types of questions you might've struggled with in your previous test attempt.

There are a number of tests that are part of the CSET test family. This article looks at different resources that can be used to study for CSET tests as well as useful test prep information.

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