CTEL Test Accommodations

Alternative Testing Arrangements for the CTEL

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) uses the California Teacher of English Learners (CTEL) exam as part of the certification process for teachers seeking English Learner Authorization or Bilingual Authorization.

There are a number of ways that this test or testing process can be modified to accommodate individuals when an adjustment is warranted. Some test-takers qualify for extra time to complete the test, while others seek permission to bring specific medical equipment with them to a test site. An example of a test modification is providing the test in Braille to individuals diagnosed as legally blind.

Who Qualifies for Accommodations

Individuals may be eligible for adjustments to the test or testing process for a number of reasons.

  • Nursing Mothers - Test-takers who are nursing may qualify to bring special equipment with them to pump milk and store it during the testing period.
  • Individuals with Disabilities - Any test-taker with a diagnosed disability may qualify for adjustments to the test or testing process. This includes individuals who are blind, have a learning disability or have another type of disability, such as a motor impairment.
  • Individuals with Medical Conditions - There may be grounds for a person with a medical condition to have adjustments to the testing process. An individual who has suffered a traumatic brain injury may require extra time to complete the test, for example.

How to Apply for Accommodations

The CTC exams website has information about alternative testing arrangements for the CTEL. Individuals who feel they may qualify should carefully review the information provided there and follow the application process.

Step 1: Make Sure You Need Approval

There are a number of things that test-takers can bring to a test site without going through the application process. These items include:

Wheelchairs Braces Pills
Hearing Aids Inhalers Eye drops
Crutches EpiPens Casts

A full list of items that are allowed without requiring an application is supplied on the Pearson VUE website.

Step 2: Register for the CTEL

You must create an account on the CTC exams website and register for the CTEL or a CTEL subtest in order to apply for accommodations. You should only register and pay; you must wait and schedule your exam after your testing adjustments application has been processed.

Step 3: Secure Documentation

The CTC exams website explains the types of documentation that individuals need to support an application for testing accommodations. This documentation can include a letter indicating a test-taker's diagnosis and grounds for testing adjustments that has been completed by a medical professional qualified to diagnose and treat a test-taker's condition. Some applicants may need to provide their academic records to demonstrate that they have qualified for and received test accommodations in the past. In some cases, copies of results from tests, such as EEGs and CAT scans, may need to be provided.

Step 4: Complete the Alternative Testing Arrangements Form

In order to apply for accommodations, it is necessary to fill out the alternative testing arrangements form, which is available on the CTC exams website.

Step 5: Attach and Submit Documents

Once you have filled out all the information required for the alternative testing arrangements form, you can upload your required documents to the application. When you have your required documents attached, submit the material for review.

Scheduling the CTEL With Accommodations

It can take up to 3 weeks to receive confirmation that your application for testing adjustments has been approved. Once you receive notification of approval, you can log on to your account on the CTC exams website and schedule your exam. This involves following the directions you'll receive for scheduling your test with the alternative arrangements. In some cases, individuals may be able to schedule online, while others may need to schedule their tests over the phone.

CTEL Test Resources

Individuals who qualify for accommodations still need to study for their CTEL tests. Study materials, such as the ones linked to here, enable you to fit in study time at your convenience. The lessons are self-paced and accessible online.

Get an idea of what the California Teacher of English Learners (CTEL) exam is used for, who is required to take it and what each of the CTEL subtests focuses on.

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