CTEL Test Cost


Test Fees for the CTEL Exam

The California Teacher of English Learners (CTEL) test is comprised of 3 subtests. The exact fees that an individual will pay to take the CTEL depends on whether he or she opts to take all 3 subtests together or separately. Individuals may also incur extra fees for optional services related to their CTEL exams.

Cost of Taking the Full CTEL Test

Individuals who opt to take the complete CTEL exam at one time will be charged $260 in test fees. Test-takers are given 6 hours to complete all 3 subtests when they are taken together.

Cost Per Subtest

The total test fees incurred for taking the CTEL subtests separately is $344. The length of time and cost of each CTEL subtest vary.

  • CTEL 1: The CTEL 1 is the Language and Language Development test. The test cost for taking the CTEL 1 alone is $98. It takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete. There is 1 essay question on this exam, as well as 50 multiple-choice questions.
  • CTEL 2: The 2-hour-and-45-minute CTEL 2: Assessment and Instruction subtest is the longest and most expensive CTEL subtest, with a test fee of $147 when taken separately. It has 2 essay questions and 60 multiple choice questions.
  • CTEL 3: A $99 fee applies to the CTEL 3: Culture and Inclusion subtest. This is the shortest subtest, taking just 1.5 hours to complete. It has 40 multiple-choice questions and 1 essay question.

Accepted Payment Methods

All cards used to pay for the CTEL must display a MasterCard or VISA logo. The types of cards accepted are debit cards, check cards and credit cards. Vouchers are also accepted.

Additional Fees

There are situations in which test-takers may elect to incur extra test-related fees or be required to pay an additional fee.

Optional Fees

Some test-takers may choose to pay for optional services. There is a $10 fee for getting an extra copy of test results. Individuals who question the accuracy of their test scores can pay a $50 fee for score verification. This fee only applies to a subtest's essay questions.

Mandatory Additional Fees

If a person has insufficient funds or an issue with a debit, check or credit card, then that test-taker will be charged $20 to clear his/her account. He/she must clear the account and pay any fees owed before taking a test or registering for another test.


Test fees are valid for a full year. Individuals who do not schedule and take their tests or submit a withdrawal request before that year has elapsed will not receive a refund.

In order to receive a refund of test fees, individuals must cancel their scheduled test and complete a withdrawal request no less than 24 hours before the time and date they were scheduled to take it. If they were registered but not scheduled, they must still complete and submit a withdrawal request.

There is no refund offered for individuals who paid by voucher.

CBEST Test Resources

The CTEL 1 - Language and Language Development: Practice & Study Guide is made up of 67 lessons that can be used to review all the material covered on this subtest.

To prepare for the second subtest, prospective test-takers can access the CTEL 2 - Assessment & Instruction: Practice & Study Guide. This resource contains 97 lessons covering the CTEL 2 content areas.

There are 57 lessons offered in the CTEL 3 - Culture & Inclusion: Practice & Study Guide.

All of these study resources are self-paced and offer the convenience of reviewing information and completing lessons anywhere a person has access to a smart phone or computer and the internet.

Get an idea of what the California Teacher of English Learners (CTEL) exam is used for, who is required to take it and what each of the CTEL subtests focuses on.

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