CTEL Test Retake Policy

Retaking the CTEL Exam

Individuals who need to pass the CTEL (California Teacher of English Learners) exam to earn their desired qualification will need to retake the CTEL or a CTEL subtest if they did not earn a passing score on their first testing attempt. There is no limit to the number of times that a person can take the entire test or a specific subtest. The only stipulation is that test-takers fulfill a 45-day waiting period from the last time they attempted the test or subtest.

How to Register for a Retake

The registration process for retaking the CTEL or a CTEL subtest is the same process individuals follow for initial registration. Individuals will already have an account on the CTC exams website. They can log on, register for the test or subtest and pay. Once they have done this, they can apply for adjustments to the testing process if they feel they qualify for them or they can schedule their exam date.

Strategies for Improving Your Performance

There are several things you can do to help increase your test score if you failed the test or a subtest on a prior attempt.

Apply for Accommodations

If you did not do well on the CTEL examination, it may be because you did not apply for testing adjustments you qualified for. It is a good idea to review the information about alternative testing arrangements on the CTC exams website. Individuals may qualify to have extra testing time, access to medical equipment or special resources when taking the CTEL test. Accommodations are allowed for individuals who are nursing, as well as individuals with medical issues or disabilities. Make sure you seek appropriate adjustments if you believe you may qualify.

Review Your Score Report

After taking the CTEL or a CTEL subtest you will receive a report explaining your score. This report will indicate what score you earned on subtests you did not pass and identify how you performed on different content areas of those subtests. Individuals preparing to retake the CTEL or a CTEL subtest should review their results carefully to identify areas where they need to focus on improving their performance so that they can increase their study time for those areas.

Access Test Information

The CTEL test page, located on the CTC exams website, has a link to preparation materials. When preparing to take the CTEL or a CTEL subtest again, carefully review these resources to increase your understanding of what gets covered in the subtest content areas you struggled with.

  • Preparation Guide: This PDF file offers individuals tips for how to prepare for the CTEL. Review these tips to ensure you are aware of all strategies you can use to improve your performance.
  • CTEL Examination Document: This PDF file explains the knowledge, skills and abilities that individuals taking the CTEL will be evaluated on. It outlines all of the content domains for each of the 3 subtests.
  • Sample Test Questions: There are sample test questions for each of the 3 subtests that make up the CTEL examination. You can use these documents to test your knowledge in each of the subtest areas and familiarize yourself with the material on those subtests.

Access CTEL Study Resources

Before scheduling a time to retake the CTEL exam or a CTEL subtest, it is a good idea to take advantage of reputable study materials that can help you thoroughly review all the material you will be tested on. The practice and study guides linked to here are designed to cover all the content areas for each subtest and allow individuals to review material at their own pace and in any order, which means you can select lessons focusing on the test sections you struggled with.

Get an idea of what the California Teacher of English Learners (CTEL) exam is used for, who is required to take it and what each of the CTEL subtests focuses on.

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