Dolch Sight Words for First Grade

Instructor: Melinda Santos
Dolch sight words can be incorporated into a variety of activities to help emergent readers identify these commonly used words and improve reading proficiency. Review 1st grade level Dolch sight words below, along with some fun age-appropriate activities and resources to use in your classroom.

Dolch Sight Words for 1st Graders

Compiled by Edward William Dolch, these sight words were generated to help students memorize commonly used words that aren't easily 'sounded out' to improve reading fluency. Of the 220 non-noun Dolch sight words, 41 of them are categorized as 1st grade level. These words include:


Dolch Sight Word Activities

Help students memorize these key sight words using some of these interactive activities:

  • Sight Word Swat: Lay out sight word flashcards on a table and have students swat the sight words as you call them out with a fly swatter. Learning sight words involves repetitiveness, and you can play multiple rounds of this game with your students, giving them the chance to become more familiar with the words in each round.
  • Sight Word Sentences: Have students write sentences that include sight words. This will help you gauge your students' understanding of sight words and see which students are struggling with them.
  • Sight Word Pop!: You can let your students demonstrate their understanding of sight words with this fun activity. Write Dolch sight words on flashcards and put them in an empty non-transparent container. Add a few cards that have the word 'pop' written on them. Have students take turns drawing a card from the container. If they can correctly read the word on the card out loud, they can keep it, otherwise, they put it back in the container. If a student draws a 'pop' card, they must put all their cards back in the container.
  • Chalkboard Race: Have two students at a time come up to the whiteboard or chalkboard and, on your cue, begin writing as many sight words as they can in the allotted time. This gives students a chance to showcase their sight word knowledge.
  • Sight Word Crossword Puzzle: Create a crossword puzzle where students use the missing sight words in the sentence clues to fill in the blank squares. With this activity, students can practice spelling sight words and demonstrate their thinking skills.
  • Sight Word Spelling: On a magnetic board, attach sight word flashcards and have students spell the words on the cards using letter magnets. This activity involves copying which helps students retain sight words.
  • Sight Word Playdough Mats: Create and laminate large mats that have sight words written on them. Instruct students to copy the word on the mat using playdough. As with the previous activity, copying helps with retaining information. This activity also gives students a chance to be creative and hands-on with its use of tactile learning.

Sight Word Teaching Resources

The resources listed below provide more information about sight words and outline some useful teaching strategies to reinforce sight word memorization and encourage reading comprehension:

You can verify your own understanding of sight words and how to teach them with the interactive quizzes provided in the lessons.

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