Dolch Sight Words for Third Grade

Instructor: Melinda Santos
By third grade, students usually begin memorizing the final set of Dolch sight words. Find a complete list of all 41 third grade sight words, fun activities to help students memorize them and some useful teaching resources below.

Dolch Sight Words for 3rd Graders

Third grade-level sight words include words that students are most likely familiar with and will be encountering more frequently in age-appropriate reading materials. Memorizing these words will not only help them with reading comprehension and fluency, but will also help them further develop their writing skills. The comprehensive list of 3rd grade Dolch sight words includes:


Sight Word Activities

The activities below include elements of fun and interaction so students can simultaneously memorize key sight words and enjoy the process. In addition to these activities, you can also refer to the How to Teach Vocabulary Words and How to Teach Grade Level Appropriate Sight Words lessons to help round out your sight word lesson plan.

  • Word Race: Divide students into two teams lined up on opposite sides of a whiteboard. Using a set of sight word flash cards, divide the deck in half and put one stack face-down on a desk or chair next to each team. Using a whistle or the word 'go,' instruct the first student in each line to grab the top card, run to the whiteboard and write a sentence using that word. As each student finishes, check sentences for accuracy and award points accordingly. Then, the next person in line grabs the next card and repeats the process.
  • Toss & Spell: For this outside activity, use chalk to write out the alphabet in a grid-like format with five to eight letters in each row on a sidewalk or cement slab. Have students line up behind the grid. Give the first student in line five to eight bean bags (depending on the length of the word you'll be assigning them), then ask him/her to spell the sight word you read aloud by tossing the bean bags on the correct letters. If the student does not spell the word correctly, they must get back in line to try again. Continue down the line until everyone has successfully spelled a sight word.
  • Word Reporter: Allow each student to choose an article from a magazine or newspaper. Using a colored highlighter, ask them to highlight all the sight words they can find in the article, then use those words to write their own article. Their article topic can be the same as the article they just read, or they can make up their own. Remind them to include a headline.
  • Worthy Words: This activity works best in a writing or math center. Combine math and sight word memorization by creating a worksheet that assigns each letter of the alphabet a monetary value using a picture of the designated coin under each letter. In addition to the worksheet, include a list of sight words with an equal sign at the end of each and a bag of play coins. Instruct students to calculate the 'value' of each sight word using the amounts listed for each letter. You can also include additional questions, such as 'Which word is worth the most?,' etc. Students can use the play coins to help calculate the values.

Other Resources hosts a variety of chapters and lessons focusing on teaching strategies, lesson plans and classroom activities. In addition to the lessons mentioned above, you'll also find other useful sight word resources including:

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