DSST Test Day Preparation


Being Prepared on DSST Exam Day

Individuals can take the Dantes Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) to earn college credits by demonstrating that they have the knowledge needed to pass the exam. Success on the DSST exams involves studying the material, as well as knowing what individuals need to have with them on test day in order to be ready for the exam.

Practical Preparation for DSST Exam Day

There are several things that individuals who are planning to take DSST tests need to have with them or be aware of in order to be ready to take the exam.

What to Bring

Test-takers can expect to bring the following items with them on test day:

  • Identification: Individuals must be able to show a government-issued photo ID, such as a passport.
  • Calculators: Depending on the test type, test-takers may be allowed to have a calculator. Individuals should check the Auxiliary Testing Materials list to determine what, if any, kind of calculator they are allowed to use.
  • Writing Implements: Individuals need to bring No. 2 pencils with erasers and ballpoint pens.
  • Payment: Test-takers need to bring a voucher, credit card, cashier's check or other accepted form of payment for the exam costs.

What To Know

Test-takers may need to provide a code for their school so that they receive credit for their test scores.

It is normal for DSST test-takers to register on their exam day and be required to pay applicable test fees at registration. Individuals should make sure that they have all the information required for the registration process.

When to Arrive

Test-takers should expect to arrive well before the scheduled start of their test time. At least half an hour may be needed in order to ensure time for parking, registering and undergoing security measures.

What Not To Bring

It is important to check with your test site to ensure you are familiar with their site rules. For example, Prometric test sites typically prohibit individuals from bringing the following items on exam day:

Paper Books Weapons Coats
Pagers Purses Hats Cell Phones

Make sure that you are aware of what is and is not permitted so that you know what you will need to leave at home, in your car or in a locker at the test site. At Prometric sites, test-takers can expect to be scanned with a metal detector and will need to show moderators the insides of their pockets.

Learning Required Before DSST Exam Day

Since individuals taking DSST tests have typically not taken the college course they may want to take advantage of some specific resources in order to ensure they can be successful on the exam.

Course Outlines and Sample Questions

The DSST website has a list of all of the DSST exams. Individuals can select the name of the test they are preparing to take and access a document that provides a lot of specific information that can help them prepare for their test. The key content areas covered on the exam are identified and a list of sample questions is also included so that prospective test-takers know what to expect and can familiarize themselves with typical test questions.

DSST Study Courses

Individuals who are preparing to take any DSST test can take advantage of reputable study courses that are designed to walk them through all of the information or skills that they will be tested on. Using these courses ensures that the test-taker has spent time reviewing everything on their test. They also offer the convenience of flexibility. Individuals can access the lessons online and work through lessons whenever they have time to fit studying into their schedule.

Additional DSST study courses can be found on the Study.com website.

DSST Technical Writing: Study Guide & Test Prep Course 139 lessons
DSST Business Ethics and Society: Study Guide & Test Prep Course 146 lessons
DSST Business Mathematics: Study Guide & Test Prep Course 82 lessons
DSST Criminal Justice: Study Guide & Test Prep Course 124 lessons
DSST General Anthropology: Study Guide & Test Prep Course 108 lessons
DSST A History of the Vietnam War: Study Guide & Test Prep Course 54 lessons
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DSST tests are available at official testing centers on various dates. Read on to learn how to find convenient DSST test dates, where you may take tests, what to expect on your test day, and how to prepare for your DSST exams.

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