DSST Test Retake Policy

Retake Policy for DSST Exams

Individuals who need to retake a DSST exam, also known as DANTES Subject Standardized Tests, can do so after a full 30 days have elapsed between a previous attempt on a DSST exam and the subsequent retake. Individuals must make sure they complete the waiting period in order for their retake scores to count for credit.


Individuals who are with the military may be exempt from paying the test fees for their first attempt on a DSST exam. However, those who need to take the test again will be required to pay test fees for the retake. Test fees of $85 per test are standard.

Some test sites charge additional testing fees (usually around $25), but these are waived for military test-takers who sit for an exam at a test center that is fully funded.

Test sites, including Prometric sites, typically accept payment in the form of credit cards or debit cards.

Prep Tips for Retaking a DSST Exam

There are a few things to keep in mind before scheduling your retake.

Employ Good Study Strategies

To improve your study process, you can work with a study group or partner so that you remain motivated and do not skip study sessions. Another strategy is to schedule blocks of time for studying so that you can ensure you have enough time available to review all of the relevant material.

Consider Applying for Test Accommodations

If you have a disability, you may qualify for adjustments to the test or the testing process. The following modifications are offered:

  • Receiving extra testing time
  • Having a person read the test
  • Getting access to a sign language interpreter
  • Having an assigned scribe write test answers
  • Using standing table tops when testing

How to Apply for Accommodations

There are several steps involved in getting approved testing accommodations. You must contact your test site for application instructions. You might be asked to complete an application form and submit any required documentation, such an evaluation form completed by a qualified professional or proof of having received accommodations in the past.

It can take up to two weeks to make arrangements for some accommodations, so you should apply as soon as possible if you qualify.

Use DSST Study Materials

The DSST Study Guides linked to in this section were developed to help you prepare for your DSST exams, regardless of whether you're taking a test for the first time or sitting for a retake. These convenient study resources are accessible online, and you can work through the material when it suits you. Each course has more than a hundred lessons, ensuring that you will study all of the information you will be tested on. Some of the course titles available include:

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DSST tests are available at official testing centers on various dates. Read on to learn how to find convenient DSST test dates, where you may take tests, what to expect on your test day, and how to prepare for your DSST exams.

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