Earth Day Poster Ideas

Instructor: Shelby Golden
Find some fun ideas for science fair projects that involve Earth Day posters with this article. You'll be able to get some suggestions for creating these posters, as well as educational tips.

Design a 'Green' House

Students complete this project by designing an environmentally friendly house.


  • Poster board
  • Art supplies (markers, pens, crayons and pencils)


Give your students the chance to decide on the features of an environmentally friendly house, including those related to electricity, building materials, water and waste removal. They should bring their design to life with the art supplies. Have them take time to carefully create their house, label all of its green features and explain why these parts of the house are environmentally friendly. They can also include information about why working towards a green lifestyle is important.

Recycle Poster

Your students can work on this project to demonstrate the importance of recycling.


  • Cardboard
  • Art supplies
  • Recyclable items


Have your students research the steps in the recycling process and then represent those steps on their poster. They should try to include as many recyclable materials as they can in this poster. Encourage them to explain each step of the recycling process, and have them include information about what happens to waste products if they are not recycled. Students can even focus on local recycling options by including information about how to recycle in their own town.

Environmental Effects

This project gives students a chance to focus on the local environment.


  • Poster board
  • Art supplies
  • Camera


Have students research the local environment and ecosystems. They should try to find a location negatively affected by pollution or other environmental changes. Have them take pictures of their findings and include them on the poster. Your students should then propose actions that could fix the problem and include information on why these changes would be valuable.

Teaching Tip:

As students work on their Earth Day posters, they can learn more about sustainability, recycling and the value of the natural world with the chapter, Environmental Science for Elementary School. Completing the short, self-paced lessons is a great way for students to expand their understanding of ecosystems and habitats and to use information from the lessons to support their project. The chapter also includes a comprehensive exam, so that you can assess student retention as they work through the concepts in the lessons. In addition, the Foundations for Science Instruction provides a series of lessons focusing on strategies, resources and best teaching practices in the field of science. Check it out for tips on creating a supportive learning environment.

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