Easter Activities for Kids

Instructor: Felicia Landry

Felicia has a bachelor's degree in journalism and has been a writer for the past 23 years.

Activities and crafts involving Easter eggs and bunnies are tons of fun, but can they can also be educational. Read on to explore a few Easter activities for children.

ABC Easter Egg Hunt

Children will practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters with this Easter activity. It is suitable for one child or a group of children.

Materials: 26 plastic eggs, sharpie, large drawing paper

Directions: Begin by writing an uppercase letter on one half, and the same lowercase letter on the other half of each egg. Next, draw 26 squares and write the letters of the alphabet on the large sheet of drawing paper. Write both the uppercase and lowercase of each letter in its square. Separate the bottom half from the top half of each egg and hide all the pieces. Kids can hunt and match each egg to the letters on the drawing paper. Once there is a match for both the uppercase and lowercase letter, put the pieces together and place in a basket. Keep up the hunt until all matches are made.

Check out the Study.com lesson, Alphabet Lessons for Kindergarten and Preschool, for more tips on teaching kids to identify and write letters.

Math Egg Wrap

This educational activity geared towards children in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teaches them about measuring, estimating and circumference. They will find the circumference of a small balloon and use that measurement to estimate the amount of yarn necessary to cover the balloon.

Materials: small balloon, yarn, glue

Directions: Blow up the balloon and have the child measure the diameter of the balloon with a centimeter ruler to figure out its circumference. Next, estimate how much yarn is needed to cover the whole balloon and cut a piece of yarn that length. Use the glue to attach the yarn to the balloon in a random pattern. Once the glue is dried, carefully pop the balloon and pull it out of the egg-shaped yarn ball. Tie the yarn at the top and use as an Easter decoration.

The course Math for Kids provides easy-to-use lessons covering elementary math. The course chapters use lesson videos and interactive quizzes to help kids gain more confidence in their math skills.

Easter Bunny Mask

This fun Easter craft allows children to use their imagination in creating an Easter bunny mask out of a white paper plate.

Materials: paper plate, scissors, glue, yarn, hole punch, markers, white pipe cleaners, pink construction paper

Directions: Hold the plate against the child's face and mark the spot where the eyes and nose will go. Cut out holes for the eyes and nose. Cut bunny ears out of the pink construction paper and attach to the plate using the glue. Glue two pipe cleaners on each side of the nose for the whiskers. Draw eyelashes, rosy cheeks, and the bunny's mouth using the markers. Punch holes on each side of the paper plate and string with yarn so the mask can be worn on the child's head.

Colorful Tissue Paper Eggs

Children have the chance to create their own colorful Easter eggs in this activity.

Materials: hard boiled eggs, colored tissue paper, white craft glue, clear acrylic spray

Directions: First, let the child tear the colored paper into strips. Next, dilute some white craft glue with a little water and have the child spread glue over the hard-boiled egg with their finger. Place strips of colored tissue paper onto the egg. Finally, spray the clear acrylic over the decorated egg.

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