Finding GED Night Classes


How to Find a GED Night Class

GED night classes can be found at adult education centers, community colleges, libraries and public schools. To locate one of these education providers, check with your state's labor department or your local school board to see if they have a directory or webpage that can point you toward a GED class.

These classes can also be found through the National Literacy Directory ( This site can give you a list of the GED test centers and prep courses in or near your zip code.

What to Expect from a GED Class

Instruction in a GED night class might offer comprehensive test prep or focus on individual GED test sections. Test-taking strategies and study habits are also among the topics of instruction. Classes might meet between two and four days a week and last up to three hours each session. Here are some examples of topics covered in GED night classes:

  • GED Reading: Students build the skills needed to read and understand texts written for literature, social science and science.
  • GED Writing: Instructors help students develop the skills needed to organize and edit their writing. Grammar, spelling and punctuation are also covered.
  • GED Science: Students examine the Earth, space, life and physical sciences topics covered on the test. They also learn scientific reasoning skills.
  • GED Social Studies: These classes cover the key concepts needed to successfully answer U.S. history, civics, geography and economics exam questions.
  • GED Math: A GED math class strengthens students' abilities to use fractions, percentages and decimals and perform basic math operations. Students also learn problem-solving methods for the algebra and geometry questions found on the GED.

Where to Find Some Online Alternatives

If you would rather study at your own pace and not have to travel or keep to a fixed schedule, consider an online course. offers courses you can take at any time, at home or wherever there's an internet connection. These courses also include short video lessons in addition to quizzes you can use to track your progress. Links to these resources are listed below:

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GED stands for the General Educational Development tests. These exams are taken by individuals who did not earn a high school diploma and cover four main subject areas. The successful completion of these tests provides the same benefits as graduating high school. Read on to learn more.

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