Finding GRE Test Centers and Dates


GRE General Test: Locations and Dates

GRE general test is offered at more than 1,000 testing centers, with multiple locations in all 50 states, and around the world in over 160 countries to make testing dates and locations as accessible as possible.

Computer-Delivered Testing

Most testing locations offer a computerized version of the exam, and testing is available by appointment. Some considerations for selecting a test location and date are outlined below:

  • Finding a Center: The Educational Testing Service's (ETS) GRE website includes a search feature to help students locate the most convenient computerized testing centers in their region.
  • Available Dates: Computer-delivered tests are typically offered year-round on a continuous basis, though some centers offer computer-delivered testing on specific dates.
  • Seat Availability: Testing appointments at each center are available for registration on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Cancellations or Changes: Any changes to a testing appointment must be made at least four days in advance of the exam date in the US. This policy may vary in other countries.
  • Testing Frequency: You can take the computer-based GRE as many as five times a year. If you take the test multiple times, you can decide which scores you want prospective schools to receive for an extra fee.

Paper-Delivered Testing

Students who do not have access to a test center offering the computer-delivered test can take the paper-based exam. This version of the test is offered three times annually on a Saturday. It's possible that the most convenient testing location will not offer the paper test on your preferred date; be sure to research available testing dates at your chosen location. The full list of paper-delivered testing centers is available on the GRE website.

You must sign up for a paper-based test about five weeks before the test date to meet the regular registration deadline. If you would like to register for Monday testing, or if you're located more than 125 miles from the nearest test center and need an alternate test location, be sure to submit all registration materials at least seven weeks ahead of your test date.

GRE Subject Test: Locations and Dates

GRE subject tests are only offered as paper-delivered tests. Testing appointments for these exams are available in April, September and October. Students can use the same GRE website to find convenient testing locations for their region as they would for the paper-delivered GRE general test.

Registration deadlines are similar to those for the paper-based GRE general test. You must sign up at least five to seven weeks in advance, depending on whether you need Monday testing or a special testing location.

Selecting a Date for Your Exam

When scheduling a GRE general or GRE subject test, make sure to take the score reporting date into account so you can meet your prospective graduate schools' application deadlines.

Scores are usually sent to schools within 10-15 days of taking the computer-delivered GRE general exam. Scores for the paper-delivered GRE general exam and GRE subject tests take almost six weeks to report.

Preparing for the GRE Exam

Once you've found a location and chosen a test date, make sure you're well prepared for the exam. offers a comprehensive GRE Test Prep course for the general exam as well as courses for certain GRE subject tests. Each resource is self-paced and includes lessons to review key exam topics as well as quizzes and practice tests to ensure subject comprehension, all of which can be accessed as many times as needed.

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