Finding Local DSST Testing Centers

DSST Testing Center Locations

DSST tests are available at more than 1,200 testing centers across the United States. Students interested in finding local testing centers may search for locations on the DSST website ( Testing centers are commonly found at accredited colleges and adult education centers or at corporations and military bases.

Exam Scheduling and Payment

To schedule an exam, students must contact their selected testing center directly. Each testing center sets its own schedule, so DSST exams are available throughout the year.

The cost for each test starts at $80, as of November 2015, but additional fees may be levied by individual testing centers. The U.S. Department of Defense pays DSST test fees for active-duty military personnel and their spouses, and qualifying veterans may be eligible for reimbursement through the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

About DSST Tests

Nearly 2,000 colleges and universities award credit based on DSST tests. Each test lasts approximately two hours and, depending on the location, may be taken either on paper or on a computer. More than 30 DSST tests are available in six subject areas:

  • Business
  • Humanities
  • Math
  • Physical Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Technology

Preparing for DSST Tests

Students studying for DSST tests may take advantage of several preparatory resources.

DSST tests are available at official testing centers on various dates. Read on to learn how to find convenient DSST test dates, where you may take tests, what to expect on your test day, and how to prepare for your DSST exams.

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