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Praxis Subject Assessment (Praxis II) Practice Tests

The Praxis Subject Assessments, previously the Praxis 2 exams, test knowledge of different content areas such as Biology, Social Studies, and Psychology. They also assess mastery of teaching skills, both general and subject-specific.'s Praxis II practice questions cover the breadth of topics that will be included in each exam. Test-takers can use our practice tests to ensure mastery, identify any weaknesses, and feel prepared come test day.

Sample Praxis 2 Practice Question

Written and evaluated by subject matter experts, all our Praxis II Subject Assessment practice tests:

  • Align closely to the content of the real exam
  • Are automatically graded
  • Produce instant diagnostic feedback to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommend lessons & chapters for additional review
  • Coordinate with Praxis II study guides

Free Praxis 2 Practice Tests from

To start preparing, explore our variety of free Praxis II practice tests. Each diagnostic assessment has 15 questions and provides immediate feedback. For each Praxis II practice question, you will be given suggestions for videos lessons that explain the correct answer. There is also a report at the end that details your areas of strength and weakness and provides lessons for further Praxis II practice.

Here is a sample of our free practice tests for a variety of Praxis II Subject Assessments:

Sample Praxis Practice Test Results

Exclusive Praxis Subject Assessment Practice Tests for Members

To fully master the breadth of content covered on Praxis Subject Assessments, members can take advantage of additional 50 question Praxis 2 practice tests. Each test pulls from hundreds of Praxis test questions, so every practice test is unique and challenging. Test-takers can complete multiple practice tests throughout their course of study to track progress and fill any knowledge gaps.

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In addition to our Praxis 2 practice tests, offers a wide range of study tools to help you every step of the way:

  • Comprehensive courses are organized to build on previous knowledge
  • Engaging, bite-sized video lessons help you retain information
  • Easy, flexible scheduling enables you to study at your convenience
  • Optional reminders help you stay on track with your study plan
  • Diagnostic summaries identify weaknesses and recommend areas of study

View our collection of Praxis 2 Study Guides:

Test-Taking Tips for Praxis II Practice

  1. Answer every question.On all Praxis exams, there is no penalty for a wrong answer. As a result, it is always best to answer every question, even if you must guess. When completing difficult Praxis II practice questions, narrow down your options and select your best educated guess.
  2. Read every answer. When taking the practice test or the real examination, you may be tempted to go with the first answer that seems correct. While your instinct is often correct, make sure to read through every answer option before deciding. Evaluating each option forces you to consider every possibility, giving you the best chance at getting the question right.
  3. Recreate the test environment. There is more to acing your Praxis Subject Assessment exam than just knowing all the content. Managing stress and maintaining focus are essential to achieving a good score. The best way to prepare for these factors is to recreate the test environment for Praxis II practice. Set aside a time to take your practice test at the same time of day and a similar location to where and when your Praxis II test will take place. During the practice test, set a timer to practice solving problems under pressure and to determine if you need to spend less (or more) time on each question. Repeat this practice strategy several times, until you feel confident and ready for the test experience.
  4. Test your knowledge.'s Praxis II practice tests provide an automatic, in-depth analysis of your results. You will be given a list of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as a collection of suggested video lessons and study guides to help you get the most out of your study time. Use these tools to your advantage to make sure you are fully prepared for test day!

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