41 Free Resources for Schools Shifting Online During Coronavirus Outbreak

With the spread of the coronavirus, many schools are temporarily closing and moving their classes online. For most teachers, a digital classroom can feel like uncharted territory, and having to move all their lesson plans online in a short period of time can be frustrating. Figuring out how to present the material in an engaging way, replicate group projects, create discussion, and assess students' learning - all online - can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there are numerous resources available online to help teachers navigate this transition, and many companies are offering schools and teachers free access to their platforms during this time.

We've put together a list of more than 40 free online resources that can help teachers move their classes online and keep students engaged in their studies.

Virtual Classroom Platforms


Study.com is an online education destination that allows teachers to easily manage, teach, and assess students through a single platform. Teachers can create custom courses, choosing from over 79,000 lessons across all subjects and levels, and enhance student learning with more than 12,000 different lesson plans and activities. Created by subject experts, each lesson - whether in text or video format - is followed by a quiz to check understanding. It's easy to monitor student progress through the online dashboard and gradebook, where teachers can create virtual classrooms, assign lessons and quizzes, and view student scores. To help keep education accessible amidst the current coronavirus pandemic, Study.com is offering free licenses to districts and school administrators, through which teachers and students will be given codes for full access.

Visit the Study.com homepage to view current offers and discounts for all students, parents, and teachers affected by the conornavirus pandemic.


An online school communication platform, ClassDojo is free for teachers and allows for engagement with students and parents. Teachers can assign activities in a variety of formats - text, video, photo, drawing - and share files and videos to teach virtually. The Class Story function, a private feed for the families of a classroom, makes it easy to share announcements and events.


Classkick is offering free Pro School Membership to schools that are closed due to due to coronavirus. Their online classroom platform allows for students to solve problems and for teachers to give feedback real-time. Teachers can watch as students work through problems at their own pace, allowing them to better assess how they can help.


Edmodo, which is free for students, teachers and parents, offers a variety of different tools to make sure that distance learning is fun and collaborative. Teachers can easily create assignments and quizzes for their classroom as well as interact with a large community of teachers to get inspiration and support. Students have access to a built-in planner that helps them keep on track, and can easily get the help they need from their teachers and classmates through the platform's messaging system.

PenPal Schools

PenPal Schools is a global learning platform that is extending free access to schools during the coronavirus pandemic. Teachers can help foster cultural awareness and collaboration by assigning students lessons, having them write thoughtful responses, and encouraging them to communicate with other students around the world to discuss and build understanding. The platform encourages assessment in not only common criteria such as reading, writing, and analysis, but also in other important skills such as empathy, curiosity, and digital citizenship.


Chrome Music Lab

The Music Lab from ChromeExperiments.com is a free interactive learning tool for parents and teachers to use to help teach students about several subjects through the use of music. Kids can easily create songs and share them with the graphical Song Maker tool, adding piano, strings, synthesizer, woodwind, percussion, and other instruments as well as recording vocals to make their own unique scores. This site is always free and doesn't require an account to use it.


Dancio offers online a collection of dance classes in modern, contemporary, youth, and ballet. Dance instructors teach technique and provide demonstrations in a classroom setting. The duration of each video class is typically between 50-73 minutes. To keep dancers on their toes, Dancio is allowing free access for two weeks to its collection of video classes, and more are being added daily.


MusicTheory offers free lessons, exercises, and tools for musicians to get customized music education. Music students and teachers can access music reading and writing lessons and exercises in composition and construction, note and chord identification, ear training, and can even customize exercises for personal, individual learning. Tools include several types of calculators, a metronome, blank sheet music downloads, and an online piano.


NoteFlight connects songwriters and musicians by providing music that can be adapted and resold on the site's Marketplace. The site also offers an online editor that's easy to use on desktop and mobile devices. Teachers can benefit from the services offered by NoteFlight by setting up a private classroom for their students to access music notations, record performances, and receive feedback and assessments. The company offers a 2-week free trial.


SmartMusic gives music teachers a range of tools and instruction help for a variety of instruments that allows them to connect with their students online. Students can get immediate detailed feedback on their performance, and teachers can customize their lessons by designing or uploading their own notations. Other tools include sight-reading exercises, a metronome and tuner, thousands of music titles and solos, and assessment support for teachers. Teachers impacted by school closures can contact the company for free access to the features they need through June 30, 2020.

English Language Arts

Book Creator

Book Creator is an online tool through which users can create and share books. Through Book Creator, teachers can manage class libraries, and can also facilitate collaboration between students by having them create books together, on multiple devices at the same time. The company is offering free upgrades for schools affected by the coronavirus and is holding daily webinars on how to use the tool to support learning.


An online reading program with an extensive library of passages for grades 3-12, CommonLit offers free accounts for teachers and students. Through this platform, teachers can assess and monitor student learning by assigning reading comprehension questions and analyzing performance through progress reports. The site also has a new library of Spanish texts and questions that teachers can use to help support foreign language learning.


Epic - a library of digital books for young students - is now offering free Remote Student Access to help students continue to read even during the school closures. Teachers, who can always use the platform for free, can now invite their students to give them free access as well until the end of the school year. The site's books, videos, and quizzes help engage children, and teachers can help extend learning by assigning books and monitoring each student's reading activity.


InferCabulary is an online vocabulary learning program that helps students to expand their vocabulary by learning words through inference. The tool gives a vocabulary word along with a number of pictures to the student, who then infers the meaning of the word based on the clues. At this time, InferCabulary is giving free 2-month access for schools so that educators can continue to support student learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Lalio is offering full-access to all their material during the corona virus. While parents will still need to get a sign-up code from their students' teacher, teacher's can access it fully without that barrier. Lalio is focused on serving Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Lesson focus on fulfilling Common Core requirements around ELA standards for Foundational Skills, Literature, and Informational Texts. Based on their skill level students will learn phonics, sight words, word families, independent reading and reading comprehension.


ReadTheory is an online platform that focuses on teaching reading and reading comprehension. The site caters towards students of all levels and abilities, from K-12 to ELL and adult learners as well. This tool helps students practice reading comprehension by presenting a short, ever-green passage based on their skill level and then testing their comprehension with a quiz question after. This site also includes analysis tools that allow teachers or parents to see how their student is progressing and where they can improve.


This non-profit based tool focuses on cognitive-science driven activities. The site presents a wide range of activities for students to complete: reading passages, text-based question sets, vocabulary quizzes, article-a-day reading practice, paired texts, full lessons and units, and eBooks. This site provides students a variety of ways and tools to accommodate different levels and help them learn the skills they need including audio versions of all texts, highlight and annotate tools, a guided reading strip and a split screen so students can view the text while answering quiz questions.

Writing Legends

An online program that helps students to become better writers, Writing Legends is offering free accounts until the end of July to help during the coronavirus. Through the program, teachers can assign a variety of different writing activities to students and help enhance their learning through different writing process activities and feedback. Teachers can check students' skills through replaying student writing responses - which allow them to view, in real time, how students wrote their texts - and the platform also features vocabulary analysis to help teachers assess writing levels.

Foreign Language


Through Conjuguemos, students can learn French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, and even Latin. Teachers have access to free, basic accounts through which they can manage classrooms, assign activities and store a limited number of grades. Student accounts are always free and each user has full access to the site's full array of public games and activities.


Duolingo for Schools, an online language learning platform, is free for students and teachers. It's fun, game-like lessons help to keep students engaged, and teachers can easily assess students through assignments and checking their progress. In the case that educators teach more than one language, it is also possible for them to set a different language for each student in their classroom.


Mango is an online language learning resource that is making its Mango Classroom free for schools affected by coronavirus. With this tool, which helps teach more than 70 languages, teachers can manage classes, assign activities, and assess students' results. With its variety of learning material and personalized review system, it's easy for students to keep up with their language learning online.



An online math supplement for students of all grades, Knowre is giving free access to teachers for the rest of this school year. Through this platform, teachers can check students' work real-time to see their progress, assign personalized lessons according to the needs of each student, and help guide students through math problems as if they were in a real classroom with the Walk Me Through functionality.


Mangahigh is a game-based math learning platform offering free full access for schools affected by the COVID-19 closures. Teachers can manage their classes by assigning activities, monitoring results and progress, and customizing each student's learning experience through AI support. With a wide array of different activities, the platform helps students throughout all areas of math - from numbers to algebra and statistics.


Numbots is a game-based learning platform that helps young students master addition and subtraction. Students are motivated to continue learning and playing as they progress through the game's story and unlock new badges. To help support schools during the coronavirus pandemic, they are offering affected schools free access.


A math learning platform for elementary and middle school students, Prodigy is fully free for schools and teachers. Their game-based activities not only help to keep students engaged but also prepare them for standardized tests. Teachers can personalize each student's learning and easily keep track of their progress through dashboards.

ST Math

ST Math helps grade K through 8 students gain a better grasp on math through its visual learning program. Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, they are offering free access to students, teachers, and parents. Teaching students standardized objectives through leveled games and puzzles, the program keeps students engaged and allows teachers to check in with progress reports.


An online math learning platform, Zearn is offering free access to their K-5 curriculum at this time and are helping schools and teachers get set up using their platform through a series of webinars. With built-in differentiation, Zearn makes it easy for teachers to help guide students according to their level. Their activities, lessons, assessments, and reports help students build their math knowledge and teachers keep track of their learning.

Social Studies

Active History

Active History is a resource site with a wide array of interactive online simulations that helps middle and high school students learn about important moments in history. Their lessons, games, and automatically graded quizzes help teachers engage students in their learning materials. They are offering teachers free access to all the simulations on their site to help them shift to online learning during this time.

Bunk History

Bunk History is an online news resource that keeps users up to date with articles that connect relevant modern-day news to the past. Every day, they crawl through the internet for interesting news stories, videos, podcasts, and visualizations about history and create articles that share some of the connections between these different sources. Their site is always free to use and is a helpful resource for teachers looking to find articles that can help keep students engaged.


An online resource to help teachers engage students in civic learning, iCivics is always free and provides teachers with a variety of games and lessons. Through either their iCivics or Google Classroom account, teachers can assign games to students and foster friendly competition through Game Challenge Packets. To help students further prepare for their A.P. US Government and Politics tests during the coronavirus outbreak, they are also offering their exam study resources for free.


Seterra is an online computer and phone-app geography game that is offering a free 6 month membership for teachers in schools affected by coronavirus. The game helps students learn not only the names of countries and capitals, but also the flags, cities, and different geological features of each area. With the membership, teachers can make custom quizzes and share them with the class, adding in a leaderboard to help promote friendly competition among their students.



BlocksCAD helps teach math and computer science to grades 3 through 12 with activities done on 3D CAD (computer-aided drafting) software. To help support schools and teachers, they are offering their resources for free for schools affected by closures. Through the platform, teachers can manage classes, assign lessons, check student progress on projects, and view and edit student code.

Data Classroom

A platform teaching middle and high school students data analysis skills, DataClassroom is extending free trials to cover the time that schools are affected by coronavirus closures. Through the site, students learn to make graphs to visualize experiment results, analyze and test statistics, and communicate their results with their peers. They are currently showcasing relevant activities on their page, such as flattening the pandemic curve and looking into data regarding the outbreak.


LabsLand is a platform that connects schools with real, remote laboratories across the world. Through the site, students can remotely manipulate and experiment in real-time and ultra-concurrent labs covering a variety of subjects from radioactivity to electronics. Teachers can create groups, manage students, and assign laboratories and roles through the portal. LabsLand is offering high schools affected by the coronavirus free access until this summer.

Positive Physics

Positive Physics helps teach students of varying physics backgrounds through its problems, modules, and automatic feedback. Teachers can check automatically graded student scores through their dashboard, and the randomly generated assessments help them easily create retakes. Simple yet efficient for both students and teachers, Positive Physics is offering its resources free through this summer to help support learning during the coronavirus closures.


Tynker is a computer programming platform for students across all levels, teaching everything from the basics to real-world coding to AP Computer Science preparation. Students can take lessons to learn each coding concept then apply and experiment with it in the free play mode. The platform creates automatic assessments and makes it easy for teachers to manage their virtual classrooms. They are offering their curriculum for free for schools affected by COVID-19 closures.

Multiple-Subject Resources


An online education portal through which teachers can easily manage classes, teach lessons, and assess student learning, Study.com is a one-stop learning destination with a library of nearly 80,000 lessons that covers every subject imaginable. To help keep education accessible to all during the coronavirus outbreak, Study.com is offering free courses in history, English, math, and science - divided by grade level - as well as full access to over 12,000 different lessons plans and activities. School districts and administrators affected by the coronavirus closures can also request free Study.com licenses to share with their teachers and students to give them further access to virtual classrooms and gradebooks - tools that make managing virtual classes feel like second nature.


Accessibyte is an online learning platform with study tools, games, and cloud-based software tailor-made for blind students. The content covers subjects, with all applications containing built-in accessibility support. This means students with vision disabilities are ready to learn without needing additional software. The Accessibyte platform is currently offered free of charge during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The learning platform BrainPOP offers short-form animated videos on a variety of subjects, with a strong focus on interactivity. Students can view lessons, then create their own short movies based around the subject covered. Teachers and educators can easily follow along with student progress using robust dashboards, and can utilize planning resources to easily integrate videos into their lessons. BrainPOP is currently providing free access to schools and educators impacted by corona virus related closures.


Listenwise Premium is currently available to schools affected by COVID-19 related closures. Focusing on listening comprehension, Listenwise offers podcast-style lessons that range in length from 3 to 6 minutes. All lessons are backed by a robust system of supporting quizzes and tests, and cover a wide range of non-fiction topics.


The free PebbleGo remote learning license provides access to educational content geared towards K-3 students. Each lesson and article contains read-aloud narration for young students to follow along with to increase comprehension. The site's simple interface and search tools make navigating easy, which makes this provider stand out in the field, with a focus on elementary education.

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