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Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) serve as the state's school assessment system and are utilized to measure students' math and English language arts (ELA) knowledge at various grade levels. The system ensures students are on the right track toward graduating high school and exceling in future collegiate and career endeavors. Mathematics and ELA FSA exams are required for students in grades 3-8. Students in high school are required to take end-of-course (EOC) exams for algebra 1 and geometry as well as an ELA exam in grades 9 and 10.

Students and parents who are looking for FSA exam preparation materials can benefit from a multitude of available test prep resources. To easily compare top options, Study.com has created a comparison tool. Learn more below.

FSA Practice Tests

FSA offers numerous computer-based and paper-based practice test materials, free of charge. The computer-based (CBT) practice tests can be taken from any computer with a supported web browser and are designed to help students get comfortable with the CBT system while becoming familiar with specific exam topics. CBT practice tests and answer keys are available for algebra 1 EOC, geometry EOC, grades 7-10 ELA and grades 7-8 mathematics tests. Paper-based practice tests and answer keys are available for all grade levels and subject areas as PDF files. FSA also offers fact sheets and test item specifications that provide information about the exams, including details about test formats and content.


USATestprep provides online study materials for students taking FSA exams at all grade levels and for every subject area. Materials offered include vocabulary terms, instructional videos, practice test questions and printable flashcards. Students can also access interactive puzzles, arcade games and a progress report that shows their areas of strength and weakness. Study materials for all grade levels and subject areas are available for $49.95 each for 12 months of access.

Lumos Learning

Lumos Learning offers affordable FSA mathematics and ELA resources for grades 2-8 along with algebra, geometry, integrated math and ELA materials for high school students. By signing up for Lumos StepUp, students can benefit from grade-specific questions, instant feedback and diagnostic reports. Lumos StepUp offers a free Basic package that includes thousands of learning resources, performance reports and personalized learning. The Test Prep package, which costs $4.20 per month, consists of Basic package features and also offers two full-length practice tests, access to Lumos Assistant and bonus modules. The Homework Help + Test Prep package, priced at $14.95 per month, offers additional modules, a personal tutor and a parent coach progress consultation.


Study.com provides numerous study tools and resources to help students prepare for ELA and mathematics FSA exams at various grade levels. The online learning platform features in-depth video courses, lesson transcripts, multiple-choice quizzes and full-length practice tests with detailed answer explanations. Students can benefit from interactive flashcards, FSA logistics, test-taking tips and diagnostic testing that highlights areas of strength and weakness. Online tutors can answer any questions about specific lesson topics, and a customizable study planning system is available to keep students' test preparations on schedule. This platform is fully accessible with a monthly subscription fee.

FSA USATestprep Lumos Study.com
Price Free $49.95 per year $0 - $14.95 per month Membership price varies
Flashcards w/Explanations Ϭ
Comprehensive Content Overview Ϭ Ϭ Ϭ Ϭ
In-Depth Video Lessons w/Transcripts Ϭ
Physical Books or Product
Access to Expert Tutors Ϭ Ϭ
Interactive Puzzles/Games Ϭ
Practice Tests/Questions Ϭ Ϭ Ϭ Ϭ
Digital Testing System Ϭ Ϭ Ϭ Ϭ
Detailed Answer Explanations Ϭ Ϭ Ϭ Ϭ
In-Depth Diagnostic to Identify Areas of Strength or Weakness Ϭ Ϭ Ϭ
FSA Logistics & Test Taking Tips Ϭ Ϭ Ϭ
Built-in Personalized Study Planning System Ϭ Ϭ
A Good Option For… Students interested in free computer-based and paper-based practice tests, available from Florida Standards Assessments. Test preppers looking for a comprehensive online study platform with access to practice tests, arcade games, instructional videos, interactive puzzles and more. Examinees who would like access to free and paid online study materials, including practice tests, learning modules, diagnostic reports and coaching consultations. Individuals looking for FSA content overviews, practice tests, flashcards with explanations, online tutors and diagnostic testing.

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