FSA Test Score Information

Understanding FSA Test Scores

Students who attend school in Florida are required to take the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) throughout their elementary and secondary education. Each time a student takes one of these tests, they receive an Individual Score Report that provides them with information about how they performed.

The FSA exams are administered in the subject of English Language Arts (ELA) beginning in grade 3 until grade 10. Students also begin taking mathematics FSA exams in grade 3 until grade 8. Additionally, students must take an FSA exam for Algebra 1 and Geometry when they reach the end of these courses.

Score Ranges

For each of these exams, there is a different range in which students can score. For example, the range for the English Language Arts FSA exam for grade 3 is from 240 to 360, while the range for the grade 6 English Language Arts FSA exam is from 259 to 391. In the score report that they receive after completing the exam, students can see their exact numerical score.

Performance Levels

Scores also fall into one of five possible performance levels. Level 1 is considered inadequate, level 2 is below satisfactory, level 3 is satisfactory, level 4 is proficient, and level 5 is mastery. For example, students who earn between a 300 and 314 on the grade 3 English Language Arts exam will fall into the level 3 category. Earning a score in the level 3 category is considered a passing score for any of the FSA exams.

Students may want to keep in mind that not passing the FSA exams might not necessarily have a bearing on whether or not they advance to the next grade level in school, as the exams act as assessment tools. However, students must earn at least a level 3 score on both the Algebra I FSA exam and the grade 10 English Language Arts FSA exam in order to be eligible to graduate from high school in Florida.

ELA Test Score Ranges

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Grade 3240-284285-299300-314315-329330-360
Grade 4251-296297-310311-324325-339340-372
Grade 5257-303304-320321-335336-351352-385
Grade 6259-308309-325326-338339-355356-391
Grade 7267-317318-332333-345346-359360-397
Grade 8274-321322-336337-351352-365366-403
Grade 9276-327328-342343-354355-369370-407
Grade 10284-333334-349350-361362-377378-412

Mathematics Test Score Ranges

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Grade 3240-284285-296297-310311-326327-360
Grade 4251-298299-309310-324325-339340-376
Grade 5256-305306-319320-333334-349350-388
Grade 6260-309310-324325-338339-355356-390
Grade 7269-315316-329330-345346-359360-391
Grade 8273-321322-336337-352353-364365-393

End of Course Test Score Ranges

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Algebra 1 425-486 487-496 497-517 518-531 532-575
Geometry 425-485 486-498 499-520 521-532 533-575

Preparing for the FSA Exams

Much of the preparation that students will likely do for FSA exams takes place during the school year. However, some students may also want to study for the FSA exams more deliberately. One way of doing so is by enrolling in a test preparation course, like the ones offered by Study.com. For example, a student in grade 10 who wants to ensure that they earn a passing score on the English Language Arts exam, which is required for graduation, may want to complete the FSA - Grades 9-10 ELA: Test Prep and Practice course. This course contains over 170 video lessons and almost 1,000 practice questions that can help students prepare for the exam.

Students who are interested in exploring the other FSA study resources offered by Study.com can view all the Florida State Assessment course offerings, including:

There are also a variety of free practice tests that students can access directly from the FSA organization to prepare both for computer-based tests and paper-based tests.

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