FSA Test Taking Strategies


Take Practice Tests

One of the best strategies for acing the FSA is taking practice tests to familiarize yourself with the structure and content of the test itself. The FSA website provides multiple practice tests and guides you can use to start growing more confident with the layout and general content of the test. Make sure to time yourself and do different problems and prompts in order to grow your knowledge base.

Diversify Your Study Methods

One way you can make sure your studies are sinking in is to look over and practice the materials in varying ways. You don't want to get stuck in a rut of just studying through the same method. This can potentially cause bad habits and at the very least will bore you with the repetitiveness of the process - which of course can inhibit the effectiveness of your hard studying. Experiment with different study methods like flash cards, FSA timed quizzes, or even making a kind of study game with your friends. The more ways you can learn a subject, the more prepared you'll be for new test scenarios.


One chief tenant in preparing for any test is to allow yourself ample rest. You don't want to be worn out or over-anxious when it's time to actually do the test. Take frequent breaks while studying to allow the knowledge to be absorbed and to assure that you don't become overwhelmed. This should also help to decrease any anxiety you may start to feel. On the night before the test, be sure to go to sleep early to ensure you awaken fresh and ready to get a great score.

Double-check Your Answers

Even when you are taking practice FSA tests, get in the habit of checking your answers. You don't want to fall in the trap of knowing the answer but missing the question by accidentally putting the incorrect response in. After finishing your test, take a moment before turning it in just to look over your work to make sure everything is as you want it.

Study.com Resources

Study.com offers a number of prep courses for the FSA. These courses feature engaging video lessons, transcripts, quizzes and exams. Instructors are also readily available to answer any questions when students are using these courses to get ready for the FSA. The effectiveness of these courses can also help you overcome test anxiety. Check out what we have to offer:

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Knowing what to expect on test day is the first step toward success on an FSA exam. Keep reading to find out where you can get tips on test formatting and content, essay scoring, training tests, and more.

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