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Tips for Passing the FSA Tests

Online test tips for each of the FSA exams can be found on the Florida Standards Assessments website (www.fsassessments.org). Suggestions for using the available pdf files, training tests, and tutorials are outlined below.

Using Practice Tests

The FSA website features computer-based math, reading, and writing training tests for each grade level, complete with answer keys and instructions for using the computer-based testing system. Paper-based versions of exams are available as well.

Students who complete practice tests can determine which subject areas would benefit from some additional study time. They can also get acquainted with the question formats and response tools they'll see on test day.

Writing Practice

Students who want to focus on developing their essay-writing skills can take advantage of scoring rubrics for an exam's opinion, explanatory writing, or argumentation assignments. An understanding of what essay scorers will be looking for can help guide students through the prewriting and revision stages of their practice essays.

Additional test prep resources for the ELA tests can be found on Study.com. Each of the courses listed below features self-paced video lessons, quizzes, and a practice final exam that allow students to focus on exactly what they want to study. Students can also submit questions to instructors to get expert help with their test prep. Course offerings include:

Math Practice

Math test prep materials on the FSA website include tutorials that can get students extra practice working with the response tools found in the math exams. There's also a link to a sample online scientific calculator for students who would like some extra exposure to the functions that will be available to them on test day.

Study.com also has courses tailored to FSA math tests as well as study guides covering end-of-course exam subjects:

Purpose of the FSA Exams

The Florida Standards Assessments are designed to measure student progress toward the state's education standards. Exams cover one of three main subject areas - math, reading, and writing - and are currently administered to students in grades 3-10. End-of-course exams are also given to students who complete Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry classes.

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The FSA tests are used to assess the math and English language arts skills of students in Florida. Use this article to find out how to help your students prepare for and pass these exams.

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