FSA Writing Prompts

4th and 5th Grade

As a 4th or 5th grader, you will be given three small sample passages all tied together by a similar theme. The assignment will ask for one multi-paragraph response in which you state your opinion on the topic you have just read about or write an informative essay. You'll need to draw on examples included in the reading passages when developing your response.

Topic Example: Tidy vs. Clutter

After reading several passages about a room full of dirty clothes, unused papers and old books, state your opinion on whether or not it's better to keep your things neat.

6th to 8th Grade

Essay prompts for this grade level will be more involved; you'll read three to four passages tied to the same topic, but this time there will be more variety in the examples of text. You might see narratives in addition to quotations, letters or public speeches. When answering the prompt that follows, you will need to use examples from two or more of the selections you have read.

Topic Example: Accidental Discoveries

Read about some of history's accidental discoveries and inventions. How quickly were they discovered, and how many mistakes were made along the way? Write your paper on the merits of missteps along the path to discovery, and discuss their relevance when the 'Eureka!' moment happens.

High School

Sample passages included in the high school writing tests will read more like selections from academic sources than short bits of text. Two to three separate excerpts are given, and you will need to tie them together in your response, citing specific examples found in multiple passages.

Topic Example: Fashion

As manufacturing technology evolves over the years, so too do the fashion trends and the types of clothing. In this essay, explore the connection between these styles and the methods of creating clothes.

Preparing for the FSA

Once you've had the chance to analyze these examples, you can use Study.com courses to practice and review for one or more parts of the Florida Standards Assessment exams in English Language Arts. These self-paced, online courses are designed to let you focus on any part of the test that you want without worrying about finishing an entire class. Take a look at some of the courses below:

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