FTCE Prep Product Comparison

Exam Edge

Also known as FTCEPrep.com, Exam Edge specializes in practice test products. Their FTCE practice tests come in bundles of 1, 5, 10, or 15 practice tests per FTCE subject, and costs vary per bundle. In each test, you'll receive 150 questions that have been modeled after the real FTCE questions. The questions come with detailed explanations to help you understand the material. Results of each practice test are displayed at the end of the exam.


Mometrix offers two main FTCE test prep products: FTCE Secrets Study Guides and FTCE Flashcard Study Systems.

FTCE Study Guide

The Mometrix FTCE Secrets Study Guides can be purchased in either ebook or printed forms, and most cost $39.99. These study guides feature test-taking tips, content knowledge related to your FTCE test, and practice questions. They are typically 150-180 pages long.

FTCE Flashcards

The Mometrix FTCE Flashcard Study System skips the textbook and instead helps you drill yourself on the content for the test. With the system, you'll receive several hundred pages of flashcards, which you can cut out and flip through to study for the test. Like the study guide, most cost $39.99.

Pocket Prep

Pocket Prep is a mobile solution to FTCE preparation. With their app - available on iOS and Android - you'll get 610 practice questions across 4 content subjects. You can select the number of questions you'd like to be quizzed on (up to 100 per test). The Pocket Prep app, which cost $12.99, features study reminders and a Question of the Day feature to keep you engaged. You can also study offline.


Study.com offers a comprehensive package of FTCE test prep tools. The monthly subscription includes access to an extensive library of FTCE study guides, complete with video lessons, flashcard sets, practice tests, and informational resources. Each practice test finishes with a detailed diagnostic report, showing where you're strong and where you could use a little help. The Study.com mobile app - available on iOS and Android - makes it easy to study on the go, and 24/7 access to expert tutors is also included. Students can access these materials for a membership fee, which which varies depending on the type of membership plan.

Exam Edge Mometrix Pocket Prep Study.com
Comprehensive content overview
In-depth video lessons w/transcripts
Practice tests/questions
Detailed answer explanations
Digital testing system
In-depth diagnostic feedback
24/7 access to expert tutors
Test-taking tips
Built-in personalized study system
Physical book
Mobile app
A good option for: those who want to focus on taking practice exams those who like physical study aids those who want to focus on taking practice exams on the go those looking for a comprehensive experience with flashcards, practice tests, and study guides

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