FTCE Scores: Passing Scores & Understanding Your Score Reports

Passing Scores for the FTCE

FTCE exams are scored on a pass/fail basis. The minimum scaled score candidates will need to earn on FTCE exams and subtests that include just multiple-choice questions is 200.

Tests with performance components require the following scores in order to pass:

  • English 6-12 and Middle Grades English 5-9: A minimum of 8 out of 12 points on the writing components
  • French K-12 and Spanish K-12: A minimum composite score equal to 200
  • German K-12 Subtest 2: A minimum composite score equal to 200 on subtest 1; a holistic score of ''intermediate/high'' on subtest 2
  • General Knowledge (GK) Essay: A minimum of 8 out of 12 points
  • Speech 6-12 Subtest 2: A minimum of 4 out of 8 points

Understanding Score Reports

Looking beyond the simple ''PASS'' or ''NOT PASS'' mark you will receive upon completion of the exam, there's a wealth of information on your score report that can provide valuable insights into how you performed and what you can do to improve your score if you need to take an exam a second time.

What Is a Scaled Score?

Raw scores are simply the number of correct answers a candidate has on a given assessment. Because FTCE exams have different formats, difficulties, and numbers of questions, these scores aren't very helpful when comparing the scores from one test to the next. For this reason, reviewers use a scaled scoring system that makes it easy for multiple forms of a test to have the exact same passing score.

How Can I Get a Passing Score?

Because the scaled system is in place, the percentage of correct answers required to pass will vary from one exam to the next. For example, if you're taking the Art K-12 exam, you only need to get 62 percent of questions correct, whereas the Health K-12 exam requires a minimum of 71 percent correct answers in order to pass.

You can consult this web page for a complete list of passing percentages on FTCE exams.

What Kind of Feedback Will I Get?

If you do not pass a subtest, you'll receive a performance analysis in your score report. This analysis breaks down your performance by competency, making it easy to see which areas you performed well in and which ones you need to spend time improving.

Test administrators highly recommend that candidates use this information to shape their re-take strategy. Going in without making any adjustments virtually guarantees that you will not pass on the second try. Use the information in the analysis to identify your weaknesses and improve upon them.

When & Where Do I Get My Scores?

Score reports are made available on your FTCE account after 10:00 p.m. EST on one of several score reporting dates. These dates could fall anywhere between one and four weeks after your test date, depending on when you took the test and whether or not your exam included a performance component. You can check your report date on the FTCE web site.

As of January 2018, FTCE scores will be available in candidates' accounts for five years.


Whether you've already taken an FTCE exam or you're getting ready for your first one, extensive preparation is the key to getting a passing score.

Study.com has review guides for FTCE exams that candidates such as yourself can use to review important content and make sure you're ready for test day. The list is as follows:






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