FTCE Test Registration Information

Registration Procedures for the FTCE

Before registering for an FTCE exam, prospective teachers can consult the Florida Department of Education website to determine which tests they must take to become certified.

Once individuals are familiar with their testing requirements, they can set up an account on the FTCE website (www.fl.nesinc.com) to register for an exam. Prospective educators will be able to pick their preferred date, time, and location and submit payment. The tests are administered continuously, and testing sites are available across the country. After a testing appointment has been made, an admission ticket to the testing facility is emailed to the examinee.

There is no charge to change a testing appointment if done so 24 hours prior to the exam start time. Educators who need to sign up for a different test entirely will need to cancel their current exam (for which they will receive a full refund) and then complete the scheduling process again for the new date, time, and/or location.

FTCE Registration Fees

Registration fees vary for each FTCE exam, and if educators do not pass an exam, there is an additional fee to retake the test.

Every teacher needs to pass the General Knowledge (GK) Test, which consists of four subtests. The fee is $130 for all four subtests and $150 to retake any combination of subtests individuals failed on the first attempt.

FTCE subject exams in a teacher's content area usually cost $200 for the first attempt and $220 to retake. Exceptions include the FTCE exam in elementary education - which includes four subtests - and the exams for English 6-12 and middle grades English 5-9, both of which include two subtests. Retake fees for these exams vary.

There is no charge to change a test date if done so 24 hours prior to the exam start time.

Exam Prep Resources

Prospective educators looking for resources to help them pass their exams on the first attempt can check out the review courses on Study.com. Each course includes short video lessons, quizzes, and practice tests to help test takers identify which topics they need to study and determine when they're ready for their testing appointment. Available courses include:

Study.com's lessons can be accessed via students' laptops, phones, or tablets. These lessons are also available at any time.

Score reports for FTCE exams contain detailed information about your performance. Keep reading for more information on how to interpret these reports and what you can do to improve if you did not pass.

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