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Fun Math Games for 4th Grade

Instructor: Shelby Golden
Get your students excited about learning math with these games for fourth graders. You can learn about games that develop different mathematics skills and find additional learning options.


This game can be played in groups. Your students will need scrap paper and math dice to play. In this game, students will take turns rolling the dice and then solving the problem presented by the dice. Students record the answer and then repeat the process for a set number of times. Students will then add all their answers together. At the end of the game, the student with the highest final score wins.

Give your students the opportunity to practice and review the various kinds of computations with this 3rd-5th Grade Math: Practice & Review course. The lessons in this course will provide additional instructional reinforcement for your students.

Five Card Operations

Depending on your class size you will need two or more decks of cards. Divide your students into groups and give each group a deck of cards. Students will choose five cards, flip them over, write down the numbers and then write as many math facts as they can with those numbers before the time you've allocated for the exercise runs out. You can give each player a point for each correct fact they write down.

Help your students get ready for this game with this 4th Grade Math: Practice & Review course. This course includes self-assessment quizzes and tests that give your students additional practice opportunities.

Math Bingo

For this game, you will need to design bingo cards using the unique answers to twenty-four division problems and a free space in the middle. Hand out the cards to your students, along with some kind of markers. To play, you will read the division problems and the first student who finds the answer will get to mark that space on their card. The first student to fill in a row wins.

If your students are having trouble with the concept of division or if you want to provide them with more help, let them use this 4th Grade Division chapter. The lessons in this chapter are presented in an easy to follow format.

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