Fun Math Games for the Classroom

Instructor: Leah Salyer
Math games can be a fun way to practice math skills while keeping students engaged. Read on to learn more about math games that can be incorporated into classroom lessons.

Examples of Fun Math Games

  • Math Bingo: Bingo is great game to reinforce math lessons because it can be used for a variety of types of math. The caller can call out or write addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problems on the board. If the students have the answer on their bingo card, they mark it.
  • Checkerboard Multiplication: Students will need a special board that can be designed or printed out. The checkerboard squares will have multiplication problems on them. When students answer a problem correctly, they can move their game piece to the corresponding square.

For more resources offering multiplication games, check out this chapter on Math Resources.

  • Rolling More or Less: In this fun game, students will work on their more than, equal to, or less than skills. Students can play in teams of 2-4. The group will have one set of cards with math problems on them, such as 5 >. Students will take turns drawing a card and rolling a pair of dice. If the sum of the rolled dice matches the math problem on the card, the student gets to keep the card. If the sum doesn't match, the student may roll again. If it still doesn't match the card is discarded. The student with the most cards at the end of the game wins!

Consider this chapter on Math Activities and Games to enhance the learning of more or less by using math drills.

  • Triangular Numbers: Separate students into groups and give out counters, pennies or anything else students can use as a manipulative. Have students create triangles using the counters. Their first triangle should be 3 counters. Make sure each row of counters has one more then the row before. Students should make triangles of all different sizes, counting the amount of counters they have in each one.

This lesson on Triangular Numbers may help to reinforce this fun game.

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