GACE Test Accommodations

Accommodations Offered When Taking GACE Tests

Adjustments can be made to the GACE test format or testing conditions for examinees with legitimate needs. In some cases, applicants may also have grounds to access special resources. Individuals who believe they qualify must go through an application process to be approved for accommodations. There are two primary reasons that individuals are approved for accommodations.

Health Issues

Individuals with diagnosed medical conditions can seek appropriate accommodations. Examples include examinees who are diabetic or those who have been diagnosed with epilepsy.


Disabilities that qualify examinees for accommodations include vision impairment, hearing loss, autism, ADHD, traumatic brain injuries and learning disabilities. More information about qualifying disabilities is available online through the Educational Testing Service (

Types of Accommodations

Changes to Test Format

Examinees with vision problems may apply to have their test given in Braille or be provided with large-print test books and answer sheets. It's also an option to apply for the test to be presented in an audio format.

Changes to Testing Conditions

Individuals may apply for extra time to complete their test. The time can be increased by 50% or 100% of the regular test time. Some individuals may also pursue approval for extra breaks during their test time. These breaks may be required if they need to take medication, for example.

Other changes to testing conditions that applicants may qualify for include extra lighting, access to food or adjustable furniture.

Access to Special Resources

For computer-based tests, there are a number of items that an applicant may seek to have available when taking GACE exams. These include items like a trackball mouse, ergonomic keyboard or screen magnifier.

Vision-impaired individuals may apply to use a Perkins Brailler or a Braille slate and stylus.

Examinees who are deaf or have significant hearing loss can apply for the assistance of an oral or sign language interpreter.

Some individuals may also qualify to have a scribe assigned to them or a human reader.

How to Apply for Accommodations

Once you've determined that you have legitimate grounds for requesting an accommodation, you should review the registration bulletin and registration bulletin supplement ( These documents will help you determine which accommodations you may qualify for and walk you through the application process.

You must submit a completed registration form and an accommodations request form along with the documents required to verify you qualify for the accommodations you're applying for. Required documents include a history of your use of the requested accommodations over the past 3 years. If you have been in college or working, you need to be able to demonstrate that you have used these accommodations. The only exception is for applicants who have already been approved for accommodations by ETS within 2 years of their GACE test date.

You may also need a letter of support provided by a professional qualified to diagnose your stated condition.

It is important to refer to the registration bulletin supplement to ensure that you know what documentation you need because it can differ depending on the type of accommodation you're requesting.

When to Schedule Your Exam

You should wait until your accommodation application has been reviewed before scheduling your exam in order to ensure your accommodations are approved. It's normal for the application to take 6 weeks to process.

Pre-Approved Items

There are some resources that applicants do not need special permission to bring into a test site. These include such items as cough drops, hearing aids, eyeglasses, Epi-Pens, service animals, glucose monitors, lumbar pillows, casts and catheters. A complete list is available online (

Studying for GACE Tests

Even with accommodations, it is important to ensure that you plan enough study time to prepare for your GACE exams. Online resources can be used to ensure you've covered relevant material for your tests. Use this GACE Study Index to browse available study guides or check out the links provided below to get an idea of what these self-paced courses have to offer.

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