GACE Test Dates & Registration

GACE Test Dates

Tests in the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) series are administered during week-long testing periods throughout the year. Some tests, such as the American Sign Language or Agricultural Education exams, may feature a special testing window that consists of two parts: a two-day session and a four-day session, interrupted by a single day in which no testing occurs.

Most GACE tests are offered during 3-8 testing windows per year.

Tests Without Windows

Not all assessments in the GACE series are administered during specific testing windows. The following exams are offered on a continuous basis throughout the year:

  • Georgia Educator Ethics: Program Entry, Program Exit
  • Georgia Ethics for Educational Leadership: Program Entry, Program Exit
  • Program Admission: Test I - Reading, Test II - Mathematics, Test III - Writing, Combined Test
  • Paraprofessional Assessment


Most GACE tests follow the same registration pattern. Once you have received approval for testing, you will need to first create a MyPSC account through the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC). You will then need to choose a 'Reason for Testing'. During this process, you'll receive a Georgia certification ID. This is needed for test registration and certification. The next step is creating an ETS GACE account, which grants you access to the registration page. You may then select your test date and location and reserve a seat for your preferred selection. ETS GACE also offers the option to register by phone. If you choose to go this route, registration must be completed during business hours. It's important to note that if you need to register for the Assessment of Sign Communication-American Sign Language (ASC-ASL), it can only be done by phone registration.

The following tests have a registration process that differs from the other tests in the GACE series:

For the Georgia Ethics Assessments, after you've created a MyPSC account, ETS will send you a URL link through email, which will give you access to the Georgia Ethics assessment system. At this point, you can register for the test.

For the Paraprofessional Assessment, you must contact an approved testing site since the registration process can vary from one testing site to the other.

To register for the Teacher Leadership Assessment, you'll create a MyPSC account. GaSPC will then send your information to ETS. ETS will then set up an account for you in the Teacher Leadership registration system, and then email your login information to you. Afterward, you can register for the assessment.

Registration Deadlines

For most tests, you will need to register at least two full days before the test date. For the Assessment of Sign Communication-American Sign Language (ASC-ASL), candidates must register a month in advance for the exam. The Paraprofessional and Georgia Ethics assessments do not have any registration deadlines.

Despite these lenient deadlines, you should register for an exam as soon as possible. Seats may fill up quickly, and if you wait until the deadline, the test may become unavailable. You will then need to wait until the next window, which could last a few months.

What to Expect on Test Day

When you arrive at the testing center, you'll need to provide two important forms: your admission ticket or authorization letter for the ASC-ASL, and your identification. Acceptable forms of ID include government-issued documents such as a driver's license or passport. All IDs must be valid (expired documents will be rejected) and original (no photocopies).

You must arrive at least 30 minutes before the reporting time on your ticket. Late candidates will not be allowed to sit for the test and will not be given a refund.

The testing center will provide all materials (including pencils), so you will not need to bring any items other than the ones mentioned above. Personal items are strictly forbidden from the testing room; this includes cell phones, handbags, watches, PDAs and any other electronic devices. Your testing center will provide a secure storage area where you can leave your effects.

You may want to dress in layers so that you can warm up or cool down as need be. You should also wear soft-soled shoes to help reduce noise.

Preparing for the GACE

If you're planning on taking an exam in the GACE series, you should know that offers more than 20 GACE Courses to help you prepare. These courses contain interactive lessons and are available for most GACE subjects, including science, business, middle grades mathematics, early childhood education, and program admission.

What is the GACE Test?

GACE stands for Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators. GACE consists of several different tests, and passing them is a requirement for all potential educators or administrators in Georgia's public school system. However, the tests you have to take will depend on your professional intentions; read on for an overview of the different types of GACE assessments.

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