GACE Test Day Preparation


Being Ready on GACE Test Day

All individuals who are taking a GACE test need to comply with the rules and requirements. It's important to be aware of what things you need to have with you, as well as what items are prohibited in test centers. There are also some basic tips that can help you on your test date.

Confirm Your Testing Location

Double-check your test site and time. You can access this information online through your GACE account. It's a good idea to check this information the day before your exam. You may also need to check again on test day in the event that there has been a storm or another issue that may affect your test time or location.

Print Your Admission Ticket

An admission ticket is issued online when you register and pay for your GACE tests. You need to have a copy of your admission ticket with you for all tests except the Assessment of Sign Communication - American Sign Language (ASC-ASL) exam. For that test you must take an authorization letter. Your authorization letter is sent to you by mail.

Pack Approved Identification

Your admission ticket information and approved ID need to display the same name. Approved ID sources must be issued by the state or federal government. They must be current; expired IDs are not accepted. They also need to have your photo and signature. ID cards, passports and driver's licenses are common approved ID options.

Leave Forbidden Items at Home

Tests that require the use of a calculator or reference documents will supply those materials to examinees. Individuals are not allowed to bring their own calculator or documents. Other items that are not allowed include:

Head phones Pens Cell phones
Ear plugs Tablets Watches
Electronic devices Pencils Jewelry*
Hats Barrettes Scarves
Cuff links Paper Head bands
  • Wedding and engagement rings are the only forms of jewelry allowed.

Dress Appropriately

It's a good idea to wear layers of clothes so that you can take off or add clothing depending on the temperature of your test site.

You must not have any information related to your test written on any of your clothing or required documents.

Individuals taking the ASC-ASL test are videoed. They should wear clothing that stands out from the backdrop for the video so that their communication is clear and can be marked properly. Colors to avoid include red, dark blue, white and black.

Before Test Day

Assembling the required documentation and knowing what to expect at the testing center are only small parts of the preparation process. Check out these tips for ideas on what you can do to prepare yourself ahead of test day and explore some of the resources available.

Familiarize Yourself with Provided Resources

There is a calculator app provided for tests that require the use of a calculator. A tutorial is available online ( that can be used to get familiar with how the app works.

A tutorial for a toolbar that includes alternate characters needed for some foreign language exams is also available. You can access it online to practice using it before your test date.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Transit Route

Make sure you know where your test is going to be held and how long it will take you to get there at the time of day your test is scheduled. Use transit or drive to the test location prior to your test date to familiarize yourself with your route and any factors that may affect your transit time. Scheduled roadwork or road closures may be a factor, for example. It is also helpful to have an alternate route in mind in case an accident affects traffic on test day.

Study for Your GACE Tests

Prior to test day, ensure you have taken enough time to thoroughly review the material that will be covered on your GACE test. There are many online resources, such as the ones found in this GACE Study Index that can be used to prepare for your exams. Listed below are just a handful of the courses available.

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