GACE Test Retake Policy


Retaking GACE Tests

There are a number of reasons that an applicant may wish or need to retake a GACE test. It's important to be aware of the retake policies when scheduling a test so that you know what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

GACE Paraprofessional Assessment: This is the only GACE test that has a different waiting period required before a retake. Examinees who wish to retake the Paraprofessional Assessment must wait a full 28 days following their original test date.

All Other GACE Tests: It is necessary to wait a full 30 days before you can retake all other GACE tests.

Registering for a Retake

You can use the registration system to schedule and pay for your retake, but you must ensure that the full waiting period has been completed. The registration system will prevent you from signing up for testing appointments within 28 or 30 days of your previous test date. Additionally, if there is any reason to believe that the retake policy wasn't followed, it is possible for your exam scores to be voided.

Preparing for Your Test

Whether you're preparing for a retake or trying to avoid one altogether, consider the following suggestions for avoiding circumstances that may affect your ability to perform well on test day, such as late arrival to the test site or insufficient study time.

Schedule Sufficient Study Time

Determine how much time you think you need to study for your GACE tests before you schedule them. Review your daily schedule and block out available time for study. Increase your required study time by at least 25% to compensate for unforeseen circumstances, such as getting the flu. This will help to ensure that you are as prepared as possible prior to your GACE exam date.

Utilize GACE Study Resources

One way to help improve your test performance is to ensure you're familiar with test content. This GACE Study Index includes several online resources designed to help you prepare for your specific GACE tests. There are also direct links to some of these study guides provided below. Use their self-paced video lessons to find out what's on your test or take the quizzes and practice tests to identify any areas where you need to spend extra study time.

Take Advantage of Rescheduling Options

Up to 72 hours before your test is scheduled, you can change your test date. There is a fee of $25; however, this is considerably less than the cost of retaking the exam, so it is important to determine if you need to reschedule. Factors that may affect your need to reschedule include loss of study time due to family emergencies or health issues.

Arrive on Time

Getting lost on your way to a testing site or underestimating how much time it takes to get to the test location can start your testing experience off on the wrong foot. One way to prevent late arrival to the test is to travel to the test site at the time of day that you would be traveling for your scheduled appointment. This way, you'll be familiar with transit conditions and other factors that may affect your transportation time, such as road construction.

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